6 Benefits of Living with Clean Air –Know Your Facts

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The Earth is the most wonderful creation of nature. With Its location in the universe, its origin of life, perfect environmental conditions, clean air, you and I, all are blessed to stay here even for a single second.

But with the fact of “when everything comes in free the value is decreasing”, most of us do not give a care about the important and our existence in here for any second.

Most of us think, nature gets heal herself and there is nothing to worry about. If there is such thing, there are no words like air pollution water pollution in our vocabulary.

Anyhow from out all of these our atmosphere is the most unnoticed natural gift all the time with the highest pollution. Most of us think by cleaned air, breathing is the only advantage we can get.

We all in feeling like “Even that comes free, there is nothing to worry about, who cares”. Therefore, from today’s know your facts we are going to talk about 8 Benefits of Living with Clean Air in your daily life. Read and Enjoy.

1. Clean My Lungs with Clean Air

If you are daily exposed to a polluted atmosphere with a lack of cleaned oxygen respiratory system is surely get exhausted. These conditions can give you chest pains, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, asthma-like conditions.

Therefore exposure to a certain amount of cleaned oxygen atmosphere always keeps you away from several diseases. Otherwise, if you neglect those situations with those symptoms you might have become a target of advanced kind diseases.

Like lung cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and in extreme cases, premature death.

clean air
Breath with Clean Air

Air pollution does kind of a serious impact on the respiratory system. Mostly, with lower oxygen levels, our lungs are trying to provide the cleaned filtered oxygen level to blood with the stressful operations.

If you can provide a cleaned air atmosphere, on one hand, you minimize the filtering process by lungs, and in another hand, lungs are also getting healed with time for maximum contribution.

If you are exposed to a polluted atmospheric condition for a long period, there are several steps you can follow the minimize the damage to your respiratory system. One of the famous is the detox method.

The lung detox method is one of the popular ways of cleaning the lung of a person who is exposed to a toxic atmosphere for a while.

In the cleaning, this lungs process cleaned air quality is very required. In detox, the method specialist recommends following apart from exposure to fresh air.

  1. Exercise
  2. Chest Presession
  3. Stream Therapy
  4. Drain Mucus from Lungs… etc

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When your respiratory system is exposed to cigarette smoke and polluted air, it feels like your chest is full and congested. Due to this reason mucus is gathering inside of the lungs to catch the pathogens which creates the extra heavy feeling inside.

Therefore, exposure to a clean natural atmosphere from time to time is compulsory.

If you are a person with a busy lifestyle and live in the city, your lungs might be directly suffering daily. Provide a properly cleaned environment is very relaxing to them even in a busy lifestyle.

2. Clean Air Improves Your skin Appearance

I think you are probably heard about drinking water for better skin as recommended by health guidance. But have you heard about breathing cleaned air also a reason behind this?

clean air better skin
Clean Air with Better Skin

If you didn’t know most celebrities are following specific steps of breathing exercise to keep their skin in a better tone apart from drinking water. Healthy skin tone cannot be taken by just taking specific cosmetics only.

By taking controlled inhale exercise, it regulates the CO2 desorbing and O2 absorbing process into our bloodstream.

Due to supplement directly combined with our nervous system, it reduces the stress on the skin and by better blood circulation, body cells can keep their metabolism activities at a proper level.

According to ancient Ayurvedic background, our bodies and mindsets are interconnected with each other. With Better inhaling practical you can achieve a better mind of controlling your stress level.

Through that outer beauty and skin tones can be well managed.

3. It makes Better your mood and Normalizes Sleep Patterns

Do you know more than 30% of American adults are suffering from insomnia aka sleeping disorder every day?

With the busy society, stress lifestyle everybody lives in very stressful mentality which leads to less sleep. Even in bed number of things to think about and plan. So it is obvious to have no sleep and next day, surely it is a hell to work.

Also with lesser amount sleep of we get side effects of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure Stroke Diabetes and obesity.

bruce mars wBuPCQiweuA unsplash
Normalizes Sleep Patterns

Therefore, from better sleep, you can manage a healthy lifestyle also a good feeling the next day anyhow.

According to medical studies of ayurvedic and western, there are several breathing exercises to manage your sleeping cycles. For example,

  1. 4-7-8 breathing technique
  2. Bhramari pranayama breathing exercise
  3. Three-part breathing exercise
  4. Diaphragmatic breathing exercise
  5. Alternate nasal breathing exercise etc….

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Normally, this kind of breathing exercise is developed to keep your functions calm against tension and anxiety. By that, you can manage to slow down your process and control your heartbeats which leads to better sleep at any second.

In the beginning, it might feel odd and take much time to fell into sleep. But with better practice might feel, step by step you fell into sleep quicker than following days.

After a while, you do not need to follow breathing exercises and easily fell into sleep like a charm.

4. Clean Air help with your Digestion

Did you know 1 in 4 Americans are suffering from heartburn after having a meal? You might be pretty confused about how does our breathing manages digestion.

elevate snnhGYNqm44 unsplash
Good for Your Digestion

Its can. I guess you also have felt a sleepy mood after having lunch or dinner. The main reason behind this is digestion process is a very energy-consuming activity.

Due to that number of inner body operation are starting in there our digestion system. So your body tries to shut down other energy-consuming activities by making you feel sleepy.

Not only physically, but the mental process is also slightly decreasing with time in the digestion period.

So we all know most body functions are processed with proper O2 supplement to act as an energy source. For the digestion process also better “air support” to act in proper digestion.

In western medicine, there is a breathing exercise called Diaphragmatic Breathing which is the method of managing your breath for a proper digestion system.

When practicing steps you have to focus on your stomach instead of your chest for each breath. In a quiet mind, you have each breath, expanding while inhaling and contracting while exhaling. Read More

5. It helps with Emotional Stabilizing

It a quite fact that inhaling controlled air is one of the best ways of controlling your emotions and way of so stabilize your stress management. Mostly in relationship issues family problems and other stressful conditions, these kinds of exercise are much helpful to continue your lifestyle.

Breathing has considered as the function which happens without our direct influence and under any stress level you might have seen the breathing patterns are also varying in specific rhythm related to that.

In a stress condition normally happens we are trying to take short breaths without the help of pushing the diaphragm.

erik mclean LqQayyJxLP4 unsplash
Be with a better Emotional Stabilizer

When we are in anxiety we are trying to use our shoulders to make breathing activities after. Practically in this kind of situation body needs a higher oxygen level in the bloodstream to support the brain and also to maintain stress neurons.

Due to these reasons in anxiety body get is exhausted physically rather than mentally. So better air supplements and exercises we can manage to control this oxygen gain and you can manage to reduce physical anxiety which probably helps to reduce the mental stresses.

By controlling your oxygen levels and with help of the breathing exercises you will manage to control your stress level directly. With that following advantages are also coming from better health perspectives.

  1. Manage to upgrade your immune system reaction and its functionality
  2. Reduce the lactic acid build up in muscle tissues
  3. Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  4. Balance CO2 and O2 level in the blood …. Etc.

Apart from that, there are several advantages you can manage to have by controlling your stress level with your breathing exercises. Read More…

6. Clean Air decreases Asthma and Allergies Symptoms

Asthma is a medical condition developed with our respiratory system. In brief, we can say it a chunk of our breath ways by mucus which happens with several allergens impacts. To know more about that read our article by simply clicking here.

clean air for allergies
Clean Air for Allergies

In most asthma and allergy, you might get symptoms as a reaction of the body against sudden protection for an outside attack.

But in conclusion, most of the cleaned atmosphere conditions are sensitive to asthmatic people as better living surroundings. Most village areas and less air polluted locations are much convenient to them due to the least number of allergens existence.

But practically with our busy lifestyle, it’s much hard to create such an environment.

The most practical way of spend time in a cleaned air location is, create a one. At your home or in your car or office room, you can manage to create a better atmosphere with help of air purifiers.

Most air purifiers are designed to go against allergy conditions and asthma people of the community. But it is always better for the health condition of every one mostly kids and other older generation.

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