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Did you know from the entire population 92% of the people are breathing unhealthy air? Each and every year we are breathing tons of air pollutants into our lungs. Air pollution is known as the silent killer of nature. Which actually gives long term diseases without giving any pre-warnings.

For example, Asthma attacks, Lung cancers, and unknown sudden strokes are leading in this list. Sometimes you even don’t know the symptoms are related to air pollution. Basically, there is a number of facts that can generate these unhealthy issues according to records.

Actually, most of them are generating by human activities. In today’s Know your facts let’s talk about these air pollutant hidden killers who give us these Health impacts with no pre-warnings with Air Pollutants with Health Impact . Read and enjoy.

Particulate Matter(PM10 / PM2.5 / PM 1) Air pollutant

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Smog due Air Pollution

PM aka Particulate Matter is one of the renowned airborne pollutant factors. Especially Some particles, such as dust, dirt, smoke are in this category. Actually, some of them are larger enough to see your naked eyes. They are acting most of the natural conditions like smogs and other street air pollutions commonly.

  1. PM 10 – Particulate Matter size diameter lesser than 10 micrometers. Also known as inhalable particles. PM 10 particles are only capable of making nasal and upper respiratory health problems
  2. PM 2.5– Particulate Matter size diameter lesser than 2.5 micrometers. Also known as fine inhalable particles. PM 2.5 particles are the most testing particle size in this category. They are capable of penetrating deeper into the lungs and cause many health issues we are already mentioned.
  3. PM 1.0- Particulate Matter size diameter lesser than 1 micrometer. They are a new trending particulate size. This particulate size is the most dangerous category in this list. They are capable of penetrating your lung blood vessels and store there for a long period. Which may lead to many diseases as time pass by.

Especially, mostly power plants, road traffics, non-road equipment, and industrial fossil usage are the main reason for tons of Particulate matter collecting to nature every single day.

Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Air pollutant

Sulfur dioxide is an air pollutant in the PM 2.5 category. Normally most burning fuels such as coal, oil, or diesel generate this pollutant. But from time to time volcano eruption with sulfur burning gives better contribution. But SO3 also on this list. Therefore as combined it is known as SOx.

It capable of making eye irritation, asthma, respiratory infections, and issues of the cardiovascular system. Especially SO2 combines with water and makes acid rains from time to time. Most of them are raining within the dilute condition. But they can capable of impact on living beings, trees also metallic structures especially.

According to records, there are numbers of rules to control the sulfur oxide level on the industrial side. Especially with the introduction of sulfur less oil usage is a better advancement of it.

Ozone (O3 )Air Pollutant

Most people think as Ozone as human-friendly gas. No doubt, you do too. Because the Ozone layer protects us from harmful UV and IR rays that come from the sun. Actually, it is not. When it comes to ground level, Ozone can be very toxic to humans.

Most of the time combinations of Nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and sunlight creates Ozone. Therefore most industrial factories, boiler, and even fossil usage in vehicles can lead to making Ozone. Also, it can be easily spread. Therefore even though you are in rural areas, the risk is with you.
The ozone molecule is capable of ionizing most compounds with the help of sunlight as energy. Therefore Ozone is very harmful to people who are active outdoors.

Besides, people with specific genetic issues and lack of Vitamins like C or D are in this category. Also, Ozone can badly affect agriculture and the ecosystem as well.

Nitrogen Oxides (Nox)

Same as SO2, Nitrogens oxides are heavy air pollutants. Also, they are helping others to originate. Which is the worst part. As an example ground level, ozone can be given.
The main factors behind NOx generating are the combustion engine and emission electricity generation. Especially, Nitrogen’s strong triple bond can be broken by the energy given combustion. Unlike other sources like sulfur or carbon, N2 is abundant in the atmosphere, this keeps happening.

Nox is capable of making smogs and acid rains same as SOX. Also, these oxides are capable of damage to the lung tissue, effect to human breathing, and respiratory problems. But sometimes NO is considered harmful within a specific limit. But excess content gives you big diseases like low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. NO2 causes inflammation of the airways. Also, much-exposed NO2 can give irreversible damages to your respiratory system.

Likewise, there are numbers of air pollutants in the atmosphere, most of them even not has mentioned here. Like black carbon, heavy metal vapors, etc. According to society some of them are not harmful in cover, but it is sometimes. It is 101% OK to use air purifiers to protect yourself from these as humans. But it is your responsibility to protect mother Earth to make it better by releasing minimum air pollutants to nature. Which respects to very breathes take from her.

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