USB Stand-type Space Heater Automatic Temperature Control Heater Heating Pad Constant Temperature with UV LED,Quickly Heating to 42-46℃,Size 2.30×2.30×4.90 Inches,A Heater Only Price: $16.99 (as of 10/04/2023 00:33 PST- Details)

This is a new generation of vertical heating Pad, which can conduct heat quickly and can be used without waiting for a long time
This heater has an intelligent heating chip inside, which can control the temperature in a constant range, automatically power off protection when overheating, and automatically charge when the temperature is too low.
Automatic temperature control of heater can effectively save electricity and is economical,The automatic temperature control of the heater can effectively save electricity and is economical. The round base of the heater can firmly fix the heating pad, so that your items can be heated without touching the ground.

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