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The Importance of Humidity Control for Healthy Air

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Humidity control for healthy air is an important factor, especially for indoor areas. Well-maintenance of the humidity is a key reason behind comfort environment other than controlling the number of indirect medical conditions. From today’s Know Your Facts we are going to point out the importance of humidity control for healthy air, tips to reach […]

How Humidifiers Work | Know Your Facts

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Humidifiers work is a topic that depends on different designs and different configurations. But overall, all types of humidifiers are in the humidification process in several ways. From today know your facts, let’s check out how these humidifiers work for a better understanding of the process What is Humidification? By definition, the humidification process is […]

How to Clean Your Humidifier-Know Your Facts


A humidifier is a handy utility that can be used in both summer and winter. It indeed relaxes the indoor atmosphere in most seasons. But what will happen if we do not clean your humidifier regularly and adequately? It eventually might become a place for growing mold and other harmful microbes, which worsens the situation. […]

5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier in Winter

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Winter is already calling. Things start to cool off as September arrives after a few weeks. Are you prepared to deal with the increased indoor air pollution that comes with winter? Even if the majority of people believe that winter is not a season to worry about, there are plausible causes for greater levels of […]

How to Correctly Place a Heater in Your Room

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Correctly place a heater creates a comfortable atmosphere throughout your winter season unless you just place it in just any tiny corner of your room without worrying about proper guidelines. Similarly, air purifier heaters produce more than just heat. You must consider a few parameters to ensure optimal performance and take the necessary precautions for […]

Best 5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter season

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Air purifier during the winter season is a major requirement as same as a heater. Due to the fact that the majority of us suffer from respiratory system-related medical conditions, I believe that everyone should be aware of the wintertime practice of using an air purifier. According to my own experience, the winter atmosphere is […]

7 Ways for Keeping Your Caravan Warm in Winter

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Keeping your caravan warm at the end of the year is quite challenging with its limited interior facilities and metallic design of the cool absorbing exterior as a vehicle. Despite the fact that the majority of modern caravans have their own higher-end technological advancements, in the winter, with frozen pipes and limited outside access, owners […]

Pros and Cons of the Humidifier

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Pros and cons of the humidifier are a notable required factors before buying one. Especially if you conduct research online. With the onset of winter, the need for a humidifier increases due to the dry, pleasant environment created by the use of a heater. In addition to the humidifier’s benefits, there are disadvantages to consider […]