7 Good Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in this Winter

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With the winter season is coming everyone likes to stuck at home and have a nice warm coffee with a blanket cover. If you ever have been the winter season you will surely know that has warm vibes. But practically we know winter is not such an easy thing to bear (Even though heater commercials said so for home warm ).

With the winter season is coming it feels like an additional cost for monthly bills. Extra Heater bills, huge electricity bills add a minimum amount of several hundred anyway. It feels like the environment tries to take advantage of the poor. Anyhow the question is can we manage to take several steps and cut few bills for these few days. And stay warm with the above coffee. The answer is sure we can. From today know your facts (7 Good Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in this Winter) let discuss 10 easy tips you can do to keep your home warm. Read and enjoy.

1. Close the Curtains Shields

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Use thicker Curtains

In the winter it’s 100% sure you shut down the windows with no arguments. But what above the curtains. Did you know closed curtains act as a wall and try their best to keep the warm inside of the home? If you are using much thicker curtains that have better insulation is perfect for this. Even though you are using a heater, an open curtain does much heat loss to the outside through glasses as radiation. So having money is not the problem. How you use it is the one.

2. Use Rugs for Home Warm

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Use Rugs For Winter

If you have got a wooden floor it 100% sure stylish but not for the winters. Because with wood floor cold can easily give shivering feet. This can be worst with tiled or concrete floors. Therefore much better way is to use a rug to cover the floor as possible you can. It is OK to use covered slippers instead. But floors can easily get cold in the surroundings inside of the home. So it is best to use rugs to cover the floor.

3. Change Your Bulbs for home warm

It is a clear fact that the use of light LED or CFL light bulbs are electric bill protection. The reason behind here is the normal yellow color aka tungsten bulbs take an extra amount of electricity which output as heat. On normal days in summer, it is quite a waste of energy. But if you use several yellow color bulbs, it will give better heating up process than the electrical heater in winter.

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Use Yellow Bulbs for Heat

It might be depending on your home scale. If it is widely opened or you live in many atmospherical conditions, it is hard to heat those kinds of areas. The normal home is quite comfortable for this trick.

4. Leave the Oven Door Open

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Open Oven lid open

Most of us close the oven after making a tasteful cake to cool down itself. But if you can open the lid into the kitchen heat can easily warm up the room and do oven cool same time. Even though it seems like not a big thing, it might be very helpful in cold winter.

5. Warm Hot Water Bags

Feet and hands are the most exposed parts into cold in winter. Blankets can warm us on nights, but in winters it is not easy. For a good night’s sleep use warm-hot water bags under your feet use a heater.

6. Clear the furniture away from Radiators and Vents

It’s like something not to worry about. But if something is blocking the paths of the radiators or heaters, it eventually unbalance the heating system. Therefore it can reduce the productivity of radiators, heaters. This is very important for the vents’ supply and returns airways. Therefore before place furniture, it quite good to check out. Otherwise huge electricity bills can come without any home warm in winter.

7. Change the direction of ceiling fans for the home warm

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Change the Fan wind Direction

In the cooling winter, most of you think, switch ON fans freeze you into death. Obviously sure you will. But have you ever check fans have a small switch to change their rotational direction. Normal fans’ motion gives you cool blows but the reverse does the warm.

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