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6 Reasons Behind Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

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Air duct cleaning is in bigger requirement with the incoming allergy season with a quick increase of indoor air pollutants compared with other months of the year. But in general, frequent duct cleaning is a bigger requirement due to non-properly maintained air ducts leading pounds of hidden airborne particles to pile up in your indoor […]

5 Tips to Enhance Your Car Air Quality

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Enhance Your Car Air Quality is a significant factor when you worry seriously about the proper atmosphere, breathing without air contaminants or polluted surroundings. Due to the enclosed nature of an automobile, the air quality can be worse than you can imagine. If you are a driver, you can realize that a single error can […]

5 Public Places Give You Worst Breath


As love to household lifestyle, we all do care about making the comfortable situation daily at our homes. Cleaning, keeping the home atmosphere cool, replacing health protections from time to time we are trying to give much healthy and surrounding all the time. Normally, more than 80% our the time we spend in our homes […]

Air Pollutants in Water | Know Your Facts

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Air pollutants in water are not a quite familiar concept due to air and water being different mediums and need to separately concern their operations. But guess what. Our entire eco-system is attached to each other and any simple change in one cycle indirectly impacts on others in large scale. Air pollution is on another […]

Air Fresheners and Indoor Air Quality | Know Your Facts

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Air fresheners and indoor air quality have a clear relationship with raising domestic bad smells. We all use air fresheners far more often when cleaning is too lazy or the smell is too rash to remove. Although air fresheners are creating wonderful aromas and unrealistic odors, the dark side of air fresheners is creating a […]

Obesity and Air Pollution: Are They Related?

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Obesity and air pollution, seem like two peak topics at different ends of their fields. But what if the clearest answer is your out-of-shape body despite eating healthily and exercising regularly? Therefore, it may be advantageous to focus on this and gain a basic grasp of Lassowond Know Your Facts. Let’s have a look. What […]

Is It Okay – Running the Air Purifier 24/7

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Running the air purifier 24/7 is a controversial topic because it is attached to two sensitive parts of the domestic community. Electricity bill and health care. Most of us prefer to just turn on the air purifier during spring, wildfire season, or when air pollution levels are high, assuming running the Air Purifier 24/7 may […]

5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier in Winter

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Winter is already calling. Things start to cool off as September arrives after a few weeks. Are you prepared to deal with the increased indoor air pollution that comes with winter? Even if the majority of people believe that winter is not a season to worry about, there are plausible causes for greater levels of […]

Why It’s So Important to Change Your Air Filter

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Change your air filter regularly is a big necessity with every seasonal change of the year. The effects of climate change on our atmosphere are far greater than we imagined. Air filtration devices are the sole protection you and I have against sudden, severe pollution effects on our respiratory system. Change your air filter at […]