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What is Air Purification? Know your facts

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Air Purification Knowledge for Better Protection This Article is Updated on – 31/05/2023,  Originally posted on – 15/12/2020 In our daily lives, all living beings, including trees, need oxygen for energy production and metabolism. The atmosphere, made up of various components, plays a vital role in supporting life and maintaining a balanced environment. However, the […]

10 Key Benefits of Using an Air Scrubber for Commercial Spaces

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Air Scrubber for Commercial Spaces: For Better Air Quality Maintaining high air quality is crucial in any commercial setting. Poor indoor air quality can cause health issues and discomfort for both employees and customers. An effective solution to improve air quality in commercial spaces is by installing an air scrubber system. In this article, we […]

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Your Needs

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If you are reading this article during year 2020 surely you are currently facing to pandemic period without hesitation. To the point it is exact that everyone is being suffered not also with covid-19 virus. But also millions of millions polluted air particles in day today life without any proper protection obviously.

Reducing VOCs in Indoor Air: A Comprehensive Guide

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Reducing VOCs in indoor air: To breathe better We are all fond of having a better indoor atmosphere after a stressful day and you know what? Sometimes it does not feel a bit uncomfortable and polluted which is quite inconvenient. One of the common reasons behind this is air pollution. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) do […]

Impact of Industrial Activities on Air Pollution: Examining the Consequences

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The impact of industrial activities on air pollution: For Better Safe The impact of industrial activities on air pollution is quite common since beginning of the industrialization.Since then air pollution has become a critical issue that demands our attention and action. Among the significant contributors to this environmental concern are industrial activities. There is no […]

Long-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health: Breathe Safely, Stay Healthy

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Long-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health Air pollution has become the key hidden disaster of the 21st century. With industrialization having begun, the impact of air pollution has a strong impact on each part of the ecosystem than ever. Although it leads to multiple medical conditions, the long-term effects of air pollution on […]

Air Purifiers for Smoke Purification: Breathe Clean, Breathe Safe

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Air Purifiers for Smoke Purification With the development of industrialization environmental pollution has done a key impact on our ecosystem. More importantly, air pollution influence is going through each layer resulting number of bad outcomes day by day. Whether it’s from wildfires, industrial emissions, or indoor activities like cooking, smoke can have a serious impact […]

Coping with Weather Changes and Asthma: A Guide to Breathe Easier

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Coping with Weather Changes and Asthma: For Better Protection In Summer Asthma, a chronic respiratory condition affecting millions, can make every breath a struggle. While medication and lifestyle changes help manage asthma, weather changes can throw a wrench in the works. Yes, you heard it right—weather can have a significant impact on asthma symptoms. In today’s […]

Effects of Acid Rain on Ecosystems and Water Sources

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Effects of Acid Rain on Ecosystems and Water Sources: Impacts of Air Pollution Acid rain, a formidable environmental challenge, casts a dark shadow over ecosystems and water sources worldwide. From today’s Lasswond Know Your Facts, we are going to have a brief idea of the effects of acid rain on ecosystems and water sources and […]

Airborne Allergens and Their Association with Air Pollution

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Airborne Allergens and Their Association with Air Pollution: Unveiling the Invisible Threat Welcome back, readers, to another interesting article here at Know Your Facts with Lassowond. Today, we delve into a topic that often goes unnoticed in the realm of air pollution: the fascinating and alarming association between airborne allergens and the invisible threat that surrounds […]