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Why Is Secondhand Smoking So Bad?

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Secondhand smoking is quite a familiar topic when concerned about smoking and smoke-related medical problems. In comparison to traditional smoking, the most hazardous aspect of secondhand smoke is its immediate threat. It has become one of the primary causes of lung cancer and other respiratory system-related disease conditions in nonsmoking society. From today’s Know Your […]

Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke in 2022


Exposure to any smoke is not health beneficial. Nevertheless, with the upcoming social transformation, smoking weed has become a social trend that has been legalized in several states in the United States of America. Practically, a more significant level of the community does not admire smoking weed as good practice and tries to avoid smoking […]

Wildfire Smoke-How To Be Safe – Know Your Facts


After mid of the year, it is quite a good time for the beginning of wildfire in the western US. End of the year, it has become a new trend of air pollution recently. So we have to be protected another case, after the covid-19, the season of the exhausting pandemic. Therefore, this point is […]

How to Upgrade your Restaurant Air Quality? – Know Your Facts


After the pandemic situation has been blown over with time in little by little, are you also ready to restart your normal life under limited healthy barriers? If you are a restaurant owner or a customer, you are surely waiting to have a fresh start or have some outdoor fresh foods at any time. But […]