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6 Reasons Behind Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

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Air duct cleaning is in bigger requirement with the incoming allergy season with a quick increase of indoor air pollutants compared with other months of the year. But in general, frequent duct cleaning is a bigger requirement due to non-properly maintained air ducts leading pounds of hidden airborne particles to pile up in your indoor […]

Get Ready to Spring Air Conditioner Problems- know your Facts

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Spring is a very comfortable time of all seasons. After shivering winter and before sweaty summer, it is a wonderful time of the year. But in these joyful days, one of the giving night’s mires into mind is broken down air conditioning at your home. Right? If you are a house owner think will be […]

5 Best Medical-Grade Air Purifiers

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Best medical-grade air purifiers are specially required air purifier categories for hospitals, laboratories, and highly concerned clean indoor atmospheres. Depending on the user demand and specifications these seven best medical-grade air purifiers stay on top of the Lassowond recommendation for your selected research. Best Medical Grade Air Purifiers Here are Lassowond recommedations for 5 best […]

What is a Medical-Grade Air Purifier?

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Medical-grade air purifier is a common term you often find while you are searching for air purifiers online. By considering the word “Medical grade” all of us are quite into them assuming they cover the most harmful atmospheric pathogens same as hospital air purification. Can medical-grade air purifiers do better? If so how do other […]

Is It Okay – Running the Air Purifier 24/7

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Running the air purifier 24/7 is a controversial topic because it is attached to two sensitive parts of the domestic community. Electricity bill and health care. Most of us prefer to just turn on the air purifier during spring, wildfire season, or when air pollution levels are high, assuming running the Air Purifier 24/7 may […]

Best 5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter season

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Air purifier during the winter season is a major requirement as same as a heater. Due to the fact that the majority of us suffer from respiratory system-related medical conditions, I believe that everyone should be aware of the wintertime practice of using an air purifier. According to my own experience, the winter atmosphere is […]