Diseases Come with Bad Air Condition Know Your Facts

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The earth; is not a safe place anymore. With the development of mankind, nature has become a dust bin day by day. Water pollution, land pollution even sound pollution, have become normal words to our ears now.

Among all of them, air pollution has become a big issue which creates diseases for all of us. Every second ton of contaminants is releasing into the air with no restrictions.

Every day hospitals are filling with thousands of patients without having proper air conditions. Even if you don’t know, you are a direct target even now hundreds of diseases from this polluted atmosphere. Let’s talk about this from today’s Know your facts.


Asthma, aka  “bronchial asthma” is one of the abundant long term lung diseases in the community. According to the records, I in 13 people has any kind of asthmatic symptoms daily in the USA.

Normally, it causes your breath way narrow by producing extra mucus, which creates hard to breathe.

Actually, asthma is a kind of disease that cannot be cured. It’s a disease that should be controlled. The reason behind this is with time disease conditions can be varied and medicines should be changed from time to time.

Basic Symptoms

Even though you are not an asthmatic patient, it is convenient to know the symptoms to help them.

  1. Coughing
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Wheezing when exhaling
  4. Chest tightness or pain

If you have any kind of symptoms, it is easy to see a doctor for consultation. Even if you don’t have asthma, please avoid the following factors for people who have it.

Main factors for Asthma Attacks

 There are numbers of reasons for an asthma triggering

  1. Airborne allergies and other contaminants- Dust/ Pollen/Pet dander etc.
  2. Cold weather condition
  3. Smoking
  4. Emotional Stress
  5. Exercising activities

Therefore the main reason for an asthmatic attack is bad air condition. It has become the reason for higher mucus production eventually.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer aka “lung carcinoma” is a disease that comes with abnormal cell growth in our lungs. The main reason behind this is SMOKING. According to records, more than 150,000 death has listed annually because of lung cancers in united states.

Even though you are not a direct smoker, clearly indirect smoking can cause serious damage in long term. If you are a smoker, stopping it for a while gives huge benefits against cancer.

There are observable symptoms that can be seen in this disease.

Symptoms of lung Cancer diseases

  1. A cough that doesn’t go away
  2. Coughing with blood
  3. Pain in breathe
  4. Lack of energy for hard-working
  5. Weight loss or loss of apatite
  6. Finger clubbing

Most of the symptoms come with an advanced level of cancer. Most of the time it might be too late to stop your habits. Apart from smoking, there are a number of reasons for this disease.  

Main factors for lung Cancers

  1. Active smoking
  2. Passive smoking
  3. Radon
  4. Pollutant contaminants

From 70 % of lung cancer are coming with reason smoking. More than active smokers, passive smokers are getting these very often. The reason is active smoking caused by a filter than passive.

Therefore in household wise children have become a direct target. Most factors like radon and pollutant contaminants can be controlled by using air purifiers. For this most smoking areas are coming with air purifiers just in case.   

But if you are not in this bad habit, congrats there is a huge chance to not get this disease anyway.

Cardiovascular Diseases:

ECG test for disease
ECG test for heat stroke

Have you ever noticed the smog with little particles after a small wildfire or traffic? Did you think it can give death as a heart attack? With air pollution, small particles like PM 2.5 can enter our lungs with a single breath taken.

It can block the oxygen supply to vessels come from the heart. If you are an elderly person or a person who has a heart disease history, it may become bad news.

Basic respiratory symptoms

Before facing a heart stroke several symptoms come first.

  1. decreased lung function
  2.  increased cough,
  3. bronchitis and conjunctivitis

Which are basic symptoms after breathing contaminated air samples. Either you are an elderly person or not it is safe to be away from these in any condition.

Factors that cause these heart stroke diseases

The main reason is the polluted air. Especially particle size PM 2.5 is one of a crucial one

  1.  Engine combustion ( Traffic)
  2. Smoking
  3. Land dust
  4. Wildfires

Hence, It is safe to use an air purifier in these kinds of situations for your minimal protection.

With pollution and development, most diseases have an origin with science and technology. And most of the above are key examples for that. As a fact it a cool you are using an Air purifier to protect you.

But actually, we can directly influence others to protect our breath by doing our part for nature. Please be remembered. Nature, it not your part. It’s you. Protect your self.

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