DADMCFD® Humidifier for Bedroom – 2.0L USB Desktop Humidifier for Home Plant and Baby Nursery with 4 Modes, Best Gifts for Kids Aged 6+ and Adults Price: $31.99 (as of 01/02/2024 11:46 PST- Details)

【EASY TO USE】 Soak the filter wick before first use (refer to Figure 6 for installation of the filter wick), and connect the humidifier to a voltage less than or equal to 5V (power plug is not included). Do not add distilled or purified water to avoid clogging.
【FUN AND DECORATIVE】 Our underwater world theme building block design adds a touch of fun and decor to your room while moisturizing your skin. You can even insert flowers for added beauty!
【4 WORKING MODES】 Choose from Daytime, Night, Warm, and Sleep modes to meet your needs at any time of day. Refer to the operation instructions in main Figure 7 for details.

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