Simple Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Clean from Mold

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Are you also suffering from asthma and other kinds of respiratory allergy conditions? So you may surely know how serious a topic is this. Mold is the worst kind of indoor allergy maker all the time. If you don’t have an idea what mold is, they are green, gray, or white patches on your carpet or walls which leads to a strong odor and reason for several bad health conditions as well.

Even though you assume it is just a “dirty stain” actually mold is a living fungal activity, which creates thousands of mold spores every second with rapid growth speed. Any humidity condition like leaky ceiling, plumbing, or your pet’s wet activities leads to develop this unhealthy serious problem.

More than that, it creates a noticeable smelly atmosphere inside your home and practically cannot be removed easily when it has attached to carpets.

So today’s Know Your Facts, we decide to discuss with you an easy tip that you can be followed to remove mold in your carpets. So stay tuned. Read and enjoy.

1. Use Baking Soda plus Vinegar against Mold

Baking soda and vinegar are the most practical and easy indoor found cleaners in most kitchens. Instead of strong chemical cleaners, they are very eligible for use with pets and kind with the least health impacts.

Baking soda is every capable of absorbing moisture and reducing the odor in a covered area. Before you apply it on a carpet, cleaning that carpet is very essential.

Use Vinegar Against Mold

After applying baking soda on stains, keep it at least overnight to do its job. Then using a vacuum cleaner remove it.

Usage of vinegar is the other practical way. We all know it is an acidic solution that is mostly used in the kitchen day to day life.

It’s is commonly used in removing most stains in clothes. But the issue is it does not kill all the fungus in 100% even though you can remove the bad stains.

Just use a piece of cloth with a bit of vinegar and scrub the stain off on the carpet. Also, using a dryer you can manage to remove the humidity. Vinegar’s special aroma will surely be helpful here to kill the odor behind the mold.

2. Clean Mold with Household Bleach

Another good way to get rid of mold in your carpets is to scrub them with Hypochlorite also known as Household bleach solution.

Before you have to apply the solution, first try to clean the carpet using a steam cleaner or scrub it with a dishwashing cleaner.

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Use Household Bleach

After that, you can apply and scrub the carpet with water dissolved household bleach and keep the carpet for several minutes to absorb the solution.

Then clean the carpet again with a steam cleaner and let it dry until remove the moisture(Reference).

3. Try Tea Leaves and Grapefruit Seed Oil

Both of these ingredients are natural and very useful in the cleaning process. If you can manage to find them in your surroundings, it’s practically useful in clean mold stains other than carpets.

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Try Some Oil

They have a quality of antibacterial and antifungal in cleaning activities when they are applied as their oil form.

Before you vacuum the carpets, take a teaspoon of tea tree oil or 10 drops of grapefruit seed oil and put it into a hot water cup. Then mix it up well. After 10 minutes scrub the stains away from the carpet.

After clean your carpets, make sure to remove moisture as well as possible. Otherwise, it makes a good environment to create another mold beginning. (Reference)

4. Try Anti-Mold Treatments

You can check out your nearest hardware store or go online store you can order the best anti-mold treatment. When you are selecting one, make sure to concern about your carpet quality.

Some of the carpets can bleach or remove their color along with molds.

Some of them are used to remove wall mold.
When you are using anti-mold treatment make sure to follow instructions that come with it.

Some of them have to apply a certain period to make sure there is no more mold 100 %.

5. Kill Mold with Heat steam

Most of the cleaning carpets steps are go with steam to remove most of the fungal and bacterial infections with high-temperature levels.

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Try Heat Steams with Mold

If you are using steam mostly apply them for more than several seconds on carpets. Also, make sure to remove moisture after a while.

Also, make sure to heat steam carpet and other suspicious rugs from time to time.

6. Try a Dehumidifier or HEPA Air purifier

Other than removing molds stains in carpets, the best way to control the spread of them.

Mostly fungus is friendly with spreading in higher humid conditions. As mentioned before leaky ceilings or plumbing create a good origin environment for them.

Most carpets are places with the best moisture levels, due to time to time wiping feet. Eventually, they are exposed to the quick spread of outdoor fungus “attacks”.

So if there is moisture climate level, usage of dehumidifier is the best option. It may control mold spread in your carpet.

Also if there are certain kinds of mold as air contaminants in the home atmosphere, usage of air purifiers, help to filter them using high-efficiency HEPA filters.

Which keeps you away from bad health conditions and controls its spread to other carpets and furniture also.

7. Ventilation and Sun Dry best Against Mold

Other than using cleaners and detergents, regular clean time to time is a good way to stay away from molds in your carpets.

If your windows are shut down all the time, even curtains are labeled as “Thou shall not enter” for sunlight, inside your rooms might be full of moisture and creepy like in a movie.

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Ventilation and Sun Dry

This is the reason behind most mold being born in December in the winter season.

Unless it’s winter, try to keep your windows open and let the clean air come through your home. It makes much beneficial than using refreshers from time to time.

Most mold odor and its allergen can easily stay inside unless you update the inner atmosphere from time to time.

Also, when there are mold patches in carpets put them under sunlight warm as possible as you can. Because when fungus in carpet is exposed to longer time Ultraviolet rays in sunlight, mold can be easily ripe off.

This is the reason behind drying clothes under sunlight is the best way than under breeze evaporation.

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