LACIDOLL Humidifiers for Large Room, 4.8Gal/18L Whole House Humidifiers 2000 sq.ft, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Top Fill Large Humidifiers for Home Grow Room Price: $199.00 (as of 07/04/2024 08:17 PST- Details)

[Wide Spray Mist Humidifier] Four atomizers allow for maximum mist output of up to 2000mL/h, covering an area of up to 2000 sq.ft. Perfect for use in whole houses, greenhouses, supermarkets, warehouses, offices, factories, and more. With a large 4.8-gallon capacity, this cool mist ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t require replacement filters, saving you money. Note: When turning on the humidifier, please keep a certain distance as the wide mist spray is very strong.
[Dual 360° Nozzles Humidifier] The free pipe can be adjusted freely at 360 degrees for multiple uses, including plant and vegetable growing and moisturizing. This humidifier features a built-in humidistat that accurately detects the humidity in your room and automatically adjusts to your preset humidity level from 40% to 90%. With three adjustable mist settings (low, medium, and high), this humidifier is versatile. Note: For first-time use, please remove the user’s guide and all accessories from the bottom of the tank.
[Top-Fill & Easy-to-Clean Humidifier] Filling the water tank is easy from the top without needing to open the cover. This humidifier provides constant moisture for over 24 hours, and it gives a warning before automatically shutting off when the water level is low. The wide opening water tank allows for effortless refilling without any spillage, and cleaning the empty tank is easy with a wet cloth.

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