Midea Cube Dehumidifier | 35 Pint

Amazon.com Price: $249.99 (as of 01/02/2024 11:42 PST- Details)

Powerful Moisture Removal – This Midea de-humidifier collects up to 35 pints of water per day making it an ideal dehumidifier for bedrooms and quiet enough that you’ll forget it’s even there. Humidity level adjusts from 35% to 85%.

Flexible Draining – This continuous draining dehumidifier with drain hose has 3 ways to remove collected water: Fill Level, Continuous Drainage and Pump. For Fill Level choose from 4 fill levels at which point the unit will turn off.

Innovative Compact De-humidifier – This small dehumidifier can be used as extended or nested. Bucket holds up to 3x more water than other dehumidifiers. Handles make it easy to empty and move this portable dehumidifier wherever you need to remove dampness.

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