LifePlus Oil Filled Heater, Portable Radiant Space Heater with Energy Saving, Overheat Safety, 700W Small Space Heater Quiet Work for Bedroom, Indoor use (Black) Price: $69.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:20 PST- Details)

[Small and portable]- Small radiator heater has a handle design that you can easily place anywhere. The design is compact is not take up space. If you are looking for an oil heater for indoor use in a small room. Congratulations! Our product is perfect for you!
[Quiet and easy to use]- The oil heater works quietly, So you cannot even remember if it is still on when our products work. And it is set up so easily that do not take up any of your time. The oil-filled heater gives you a warm and quiet room with a steady flow whenever you fall asleep.
[Durable and without wind]- The radiator heater is a permanently sealed oil tank made of high-quality steel, so it doesn’t require refueling or changing oil. The oil radiator heater warms up the room through heat oil without wind, and you won’t worry about the air getting dry or the dust flying.

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