Lumysis Dehumidifiers Best for Basements, 4500 Sq. Ft 50 Pints Price: $169.99 (as of 10/02/2023 00:27 PST- Details)

ALUMINUM ROTATING KNOB AND DOUBLE RING AS UNIQUE FEATURES: Our uniquely designed knob can be casually rotated to change the set humidity, with the current humidity level displayed on the knob’s centrally integrated LED screen as well as its inner ring. Tri-color indicator positioned on the knob’s outer ring shows the ambient humidity range.

AIR FILTER + PASSIVE DENOISE = MORE TECHNOLOGY: The removable and washable Lumysis Dehumidifier air filter (integrated with the back shell) provides cleaner and fresher air by decomposing odor, allergents, and other pollutants; it covers up to 4500 sq. ft. 45db industry leading noise reducing function allows it to remain whispering quiet at your busy hours, TV binging, and nap time.

A 13.62 x 10.63 x 22.24 INCHES SIMULTANEOUS LUMYSIS DEHUMIDIFIER AND CLOTH DRYER: dehumidify with three operation modes: intelligent mode for daily use facilitated by auto shut-off at your ideal humidity level; sleeping mode for nighttime; continuous mode for efficient drying under extreme moist weather as well as for fast clothes drying.

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