How to Get rid of Home Smelly Odors- Know Your Facts


Indoor bad odors are a very common thing. But finding someone who dwells with it, is not so common. Everybody hates it. At home, at the office even at a public gathering like restaurants and hotels, bad odors can do huge damage to your entire day. So from today’s Know Your Facts let’s talk about little tips to get rid of these smelly odors and save your day. Read and enjoy.

Reasons Behind Most of the Odors

Even though we do not care much, there are multiple numbers of reasons behind all kinds of odors. Even though they give a smell vibe, they come with a hidden message of “Something is not right”

1. It’s Not clean

This is the main reason behind most of the bad odors of the all the time. EPA says behind moldy odors and unpleasant smells; the main reason is microbial volatile organic compounds comes with the unclean surrounding.

When you are away from a regular cleaning schedule or away from the proper hygiene lifestyle they are a good call for bad small eventually. Mostly molds are the practically smell creator in most of the uncleaned corners.

priscilla du preez hHs9JBQHUY0 unsplash
Rubbish call Odor

They can be in your bedroom, hidden walls, in your windows, under your carpets, or even sometimes in your bathroom also. Even sometimes they come with smelly nature, according to Disease Control and Prevention, there might be health risks too.

Apart from those, there are several reasons behind bad odor inside your surroundings.

2. Food Leftovers

Most of the old food containers give a bad smell with the time unless they are dumped regularly or cleaned well.

Not only at home, an office area, or even in a restaurant expired food can be stuck in any corner. After few days pass entire space might give the best bad odor vibes.

3. Dust & hair, Danger

Most air particles that come as dust contained are the several small litter contents. Mostly Pet hair and dander, small dust particles, pollen, human hair, dead insects, insect dropping can be seen as, etc.

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Dust Makes Odor Worse

Even though these contaminants are very small to our naked eye after few days pass they can create garbage in somewhere a corner and make bad smells at an advanced level. Sometimes they can be easily stuck in airways or in other kinds of air filters, which lead to long-term mold cultivation.

4. Pet Wounds

Almost all kinds of pets are stinks most of the time due to they have a touch with very dirty surroundings. That’s why pets are also needed to be cleaned from time to time.

Also when they get wounds, your entire room smells and stinks. Even though they are cleaned one time, unlike humans, pets get injured again and again and it might have got bacteria full from outside. So it stinks again more than usual.

5. Dirty Laundry & Smokers

One thing we all do is clean our laundry once a week or once a few days. Imagine passing a day without having your laundry day. It feels like “the entire room stinks”.

After we wear a cloth it can easily be exposed to our sweats and after a while bacteria growth is eventually gets started. They release bad odors all the time, imagine after a week how bad it can be without having a proper clean-up.

Do laundry - So not to Odors
Do laundry – So not to Odors

Research has found that volatile organic compounds are very often also can be seen in the dirty laundry which also make worst the condition.

Also, clean your shoes every night. Because it can hold or develop several air contaminants throughout the day. You know the feeling on the weekend.

Another thing is stink with smoking. If you’re a smoker or someone your close one does smoke, you clearly might know clothes can easily get stinks when cigarette smoke absorbs to fabric materials. (Reference)

6. Stuck Drainage

If you got own land by developed drainage system for your home, you might know the problem here. Even though sewage water removes times to time into the proper outlet, drainage must be also maintained regularly.

Unless it can have stuck the sewage inside and create every bad smell inside. The problem is this smell can be given advanced into your kitchen also.

What can we do for bad Odor?

Did you get another bad odor inside your room so what can we do? Is it just simple as setting up an air fresher inside? Actually, it is not. But fortunately, there are several things you can easily manage to do even in your limited facilities.

1. Clean and Clean and Clean

First things first you need to find out the source which creates the bad odor. It might be spoiled food, dropping off your pet, mold under your carpet or sometimes your lunchbox stays in your bag since summer vacation.

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Clean is the Best deal

If it was your dirty laundry or wet towels, use a washing machine with perfect detergent. After they are 100% cleaned up make sure to dry them out before use. Unless it creates a mold-creating surrounding. Mostly some clothes like towels need to be washed and properly dried at least once in two months.

If you are a sort of sweaty person if your clothes smell bad even after the best cleanup, try a cup of vinegar or bleach with your washing machine. But be careful not to mix them up. Always use them separately.

Also for your smelly shoes, try some baking powder inside them at night. It can neutralize all kinds of odors in a while. Because sometimes with direct washing can damage its fabric materials instead of getting rid of bad odor.

Also discard your garbage once a week in a proper way not wait for them until they pile up is another option. Daily garbage piles can create several health impacts apart from bad odor. Garbage can attract small insects from outside and easily create a moldy nature near walls and in indoor furniture too.

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Manage your waste for the best clean

The proper cleaning procedure can remove all kinds of pathogens from your surroundings. Mostly some of them are the main factors behind odor-creating lifestyles in their metabolism activities.

Bacteria can be given as an example. So without source clean-up, you cannot expect good breath only from air freshener usage.

2. Use an Air Purifier Against bad odors

Usage of an air purifier is one of the best options you can be taken. Air purifiers filter most kinds of air pollutants and other indoor bad odor developing factors in airborne level.

There are several air purifiers in the category. People mostly use them to get rid of allergy conditions and harmful pathogens filtrations in the indoor atmosphere. HEPA purifiers are the common ones that people use.

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Try an Air Purifier

But they are a bit of expensive than normal home air purifiers which also can clean your indoor bad odor in a short time period.

Also, another problem is the bad odor inside your car. In such a case use a portable small air purifier to solve your problem.

3. Clean your Air conditioner/ HAVC/ Ducts

As we have mentioned earlier air conditioners are the main cooling system in summer and they can be easily clogged through ducts after a long time of operation. Any kind of smelly thing stuck inside in ducks can convert your summer into night mire. Also, it might be there in a whole year when it goes with your HVAC system.

The first thing you can manage to do is replace your air filters from time to time. Air filters can easily be stuck with dirty and create a very bad odor background eventually.

m b m wzE Bs00TWA unsplash 1
Clean your Air Conditioner Regularly

Sometimes filters might be newly replaced and still very bad with airflow. The main factor behind this is smelly ducts. You can place some baking soda inside them. It can neutralize the impact of the odor easily.

Sometimes, a dirty evaporator coil or condensate line can also create a bad odor inside the air conditioner. If that was the case put some vinegar on the condensate line to prevent dirty clog in there and stop developing bad odors.

If you cannot manage the situation, ask technical support. If you are using HVAC system technicians can professionally handle the situation and clean your evaporator coils and remove the odor at standard level.

4. Try indoor De-humidifier

We all know air purifiers are capable of filtering most atmospheric pathogens indoor. It might be very effective in removing moldy odors and as well as allergens.

But did you know most of the mold odors are created by higher humidity level environments?

When you are using de-humidifiers it can easily trap unwanted moisture levels in the indoor atmosphere and avoid cultivate molds in your house.

5. Keep Your Pets’ Hygiene

As we mentioned above lessor hygiene pets are one of the main reasons behind smelly odors. Even though in regular time intervals pets are bathed, they are easy can get diseases with many bacterial and fungi infections.

jamie street ikv10lHZUas unsplash
Keep Your Pet Hygiene

Other than lessor bathes, these diseases create bad smells indoor atmosphere.

Also with lessor hygiene pets’ dander, hair fall can be easily spread throughout your home which makes worse the situations.

They can easily clog in your air filters and create another bad odor.

6. Let the Fresh breeze come inside your Home

If your room is already exposed to bad odor, the easiest option is to open windows and let the new breeze come in. Even though it does not remove the atmospheric pathogens 100%, fresh air gives the best indoor vibes.

miti MRb1aJIwCJs unsplash
Open Windows for Best breezers

If you dwelling in a rural area, an outdoor atmosphere is almost welcome than indoors. But in urban areas, most of the time outdoor might have higher air contaminant levels more than we are expected.

Therefore, in such a case check the outdoor atmosphere, before your room let be fully exposed.

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