OSYNC 220ml Essential Oil Diffusers with Digital Alarm Clock,Timer,2 Mist Modes,7-Color Lights, Waterless Auto-Off, Ultrasonic Silent Aromatherapy Diffuser for Relieves Stress, Relaxes, Promote Sleep

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【Digital Alarm Clock】- The OSYNC touch oil diffuser with unique digital clock display design, when not in essential oil diffuser mode, it can be used as an alarm clock on its own, and the high-definition digital display and touch operation make setting the alarm clock easy.The alarm clock aromatherapy diffuser is a great, affordable option if you are looking for a diffuser
【2 Mist Modes】- OSYNC 220ml Aromatherapy Humidifier is set up with 2 different mist diffusion modes to meet the needs of your different usage scenarios. In the office/home during the day you can set it to continuous mist mode, work for about 6 hours suit for yoga, meditation or SPA, etc; the Intermittent mist mode out of the misting 30s stop 30s, work for about 12 hours, suitable for sleep, work or study, etc.
【Romantic Mood Light】-The Aroma Diffuser is set with mood light,perfect for creating a calming,uplifting atmosphere during meditation.In addition,it can be used as a night light during the night to help relax before bedtime,reduce fear of the dark and provide illumination for better visibility during the night.Available in 7 colors,you can fix one of the colors or set it to cycle through them depending on your mood.The light and mist functions stand alone,choose one to turn on or both as needed

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