Space Heater for Indoor Use Wall Mounted with WIFI/Remote,1500W Portable Heater Fast Heating with Adjustable Thermostat,Quiet Heater for Bedroom/Living Room/Office Price: $109.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:19 PST- Details)

1500W Instant and Efficient Heating: Embrace the space heater swift warmth of the 1500W rapid heating capacity. Say goodbye to chilly spaces and relish the quick, effective heat-up for ultimate comfort.
Smart WiFi/Remote Control: Revolutionize your home comfort with the power of WiFi. Effortlessly manage temperature, modes, and timers remotely via your smartphone, room heater ensuring your space is warm and inviting whenever you desire.
Clear LED Display: Stay in the loop with the intuitive LED display. Effortlessly monitor and tailor settings, from the current temperature to programmed timers, granting you full control over your heating preferences.

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