The Difference Between Air Purifier and Humidifier – Know Your Facts


You may have seen a lot of air purifiers and humidifiers in the household. Sometimes in subways or shopping malls too. It seems like both are very familiar with our day-to-day life. But have ever noticed a difference between each other. Not like one throws water and gives a “hum” noise.

On the technical side. Actually, both humidifiers and Air purifiers are designed to make sure your breathing is healthy and safe. But on the technical side, they are way better and different from each other. Therefore, before you select either humidifier or air purifier you should-The Difference Between Air purifiers and humidifiers- know Your facts. Read us and Enjoy.

indoor Humidifier fan
Indoor Humidifier Fan

What is an Air purifier?

In basic definition, air purifier is a piece of equipment, that cleanses the air in a selected area. It can remove airborne contaminants, and pollutants through a filtration system. Here contaminants are meant such as dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, dust mites, and even smoke from cigarettes.

There is a number of air purifier categories in the market. Especially HEPA is the most popular one. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, which has one kind of air purification.

According to records HEPA purifiers are capable of trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns in 99.7 % efficiency. If you want more details on HEPA purifiers read our article about it.

Except for HEPA, there are several purification systems. Ionizers and Ozone Generators, Activated Carbon Filters, UV Lights, etc.

Depending on Your requirements you can choose your purifier. Most of the time they are quite expensive. But it might be not over your needs. So before making a decision. You check our Blogs.

What is a Humidifier?

Unlike air purifiers, humidifiers do not clean the atmosphere. It only increases the room or area humidity. In the winter season, you can use heated water and for summer it comes with cool.

Especially they are spraying the water into the atmosphere using a pump or a specific fan.

Especially, it is very helpful for conditions like relieving nosebleeds, breathing problems, and dry skin. Because most of the time usage of tap water gives mineral particles into the air. According to the records, even over-humidity can also give health impacts.

EPA says indoor humidity should be between 40% and 50%. Therefore most of the humidifiers are programmed to operate in this region.

Same as air purifiers, humidifiers work with different technologies. It comes with either evaporative or ultrasonic technology. Like HEPA, ultrasonic humidifiers are quite popular. Apart from that, there are specific categories like cool mist and warm mist too.

Which is Better for You: An Air Purifier or Humidifier?

Especially before selecting a humidifier or air purifier you can check, whether the following requirements are filled or not.

You need a humidifier if you:

  1. stay in a warm moist atmosphere
  2. Have snoring keep going from sweaty nights
  3. Have Super dry skin even in the home
  4. Stay in the home for the winter
  5. want relief from respiratory issues

You need an air purifier if you:

  1. suffer from asthma, allergies, or a respiratory condition in car or home
  2. have a pet with danger all over the home
  3. live in an industrial area or near the road
  4. reduce the level of contaminants in the air you breathe
  5. You want a cleaner, more sterilized home environment

Comparison Between An Air Purifier or Humidifier characteristics

After that, we can compare the basic characteristics of An Air Purifier or Humidifier. Even so, reading the entire article may give a big picture.

Air PurifierHumidifier
Main functionFilter air pollutants and Clean airIncrease the Humidity
TechnologyIonizers, Ozone Generators, Activated Carbon Filters, UV Lights, HEPAEvaporative or ultrasonic technology
SeasonThe entire year, the Allergy seasonWinter or Summer
Who needsSmokers, Pet lovers, Especially Allergy and asthma sufferersDry skin, snoring with sweaty, smooth breathing
PriceRelatively ExpensiveRelatively Cheap
Comparison Between An Air Purifier or Humidifier characteristics

Especially most of these qualities are dependable. Sometimes On personal reviews and comments. Therefore before selecting one, first go with reviews and ideas too.


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