7 Bizarre Reasons for Your Allergy Conditions Getting Worst

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With the beginning of the Allergy season, most of us who got allergy conditions are getting ready to avoid several factors related to allergies. Mostly pollen, weather, foods, animals, and so on.

But did you know there are weird kinds of reasons to lead to allergy situations we are not aware of? In today’s articles let’s talk about 7 bizarre reasons for Your Allergy Conditions Getting Worst from Know Your Facts. Stay tuned.

1. Allery comes with Contact lenses

Did you know most contact lenses are capable of trapping airborne particles and sticking them for a while? In this list, pollen and smoke particles can stay in top priority.

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Pollen can be stuck to contact lenses

People who use contact lenses remove and place them from time to time. This causes easy damage to lenses also any small particles can be stuck, stayed for a while.

If the lenses are very thin, soft particle-like smoke can easily penetrate through the lenses and absorb into your tears. If you are got allergy conditions, this situation feels very irritating.

Practically, you can manage to use Hard lenses in allergy season. But if you are fond of soft lenses, always replace them from time to time. Mostly daily disposable lenses—and new medications are recommended by ophthalmologists.

2. Eat Fruits for Allergy?

According to the records of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America considerable amount of people who got seasonal allergy conditions are suffering from oral allergy syndrome (OAS) conditions.

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Fruit can worst your Allergy conditions

The protein on the surface of the trigger food like apples, tomatoes, and raw foods when they are eaten, gives our brain signal pollen is trying to enter our body. According to the records, adults are in a higher-risk zone than kids in OAS.

Normally, most symptoms in OAS are the same as seasonal allergies. But apart from that, it can occur in other seasons also. But in the Spring situation, it is getting worst.

3. Stress Life with Allergy

According to the records, Harford Health publishing Stressful lifestyle and allergy conditions are related to each other. It can be recognized in two ways.

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Control Your Stress Level

The first one is psychological. If you got stress level up by daily routine works, it negatively raises your emotional side also. “I feel like everything is getting worst, same as my allergy condition, it might be the main point” likewise, mostly you blame yourself with an emotional rush.

Another one is a physical reason. When there is an allergy conditional, stress level can be hormonal rise up to that allergy reaction. The main reason is in both allergy and stress conditions our immune system is getting attacked.

Normally allergy condition considers as safety action in the body. The reaction rate of the body can be developed so the stress level can be eventually raised anyway.

In any kind of stress condition always keep medicine in your pocket. Because if it is combined with your allergy condition, results can be very dangerous.

4. Alcohol

With the culture of alcohol, drinking is a passion of all of us. Not only whisky and brandy but also beers and wines are a part of these values. We all know we are very fond of lick a glass of wine on a perfect date, on a go-out, or on a happy time.

Mostly in this spring. But you know there is a direct link between allergy season and alcohol.

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Control Your Alcohol intake – Control Your allergy

Histamine is the main compound related to seasonal allergy in alcohols. Due to histamine level is increasing with time in consuming food, alcohol level has an invisible control in allergy conditions with its higher blended periods( reference).

Diamine oxide (DAO) which helps to control our body histamine level is also broken down by alcohol. Therefore, by using alcohol, you are placed in a helpless position indeed.

With higher alcohol consumption, histamine levels in the blood also get can be increased. This histamine is capable of increasing blood pressure to go up and down by constricting and dilating blood vessels, which can worsen allergic reactions.

Also sugar levels in the alcohol worse your allergy symptoms in unexpected levels. Just in case you are love to drink, 100% sure you got secret love for allergies too.

Therefore, always try to keep away from alcohol as best can possible. If it feels so wanted to follow with medical guidance for the least amount of slips to cover your needs.

5. Bad Laundry

If you are familiar with an allergy it’s a 100% guarantee you aware about clean your clothes from time to time in the pollen season. Because pollen can easily stick into clothes and be the carrier all-around your small community home.

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Don’t do outdoor laundry dry

Mostly rough fabric like wool can easily catchy with dust particles and pollen. Therefore, you need hard clean time to time.

For most allergens, cleaning your clothes after each trail on the outside is mostly recommended. By re-using that, you are putting a safe zone in danger where you can get the maximum protection, at least in allergy season.

Also using doing laundry at higher temperature levels like 140°F can eventually kill most of the allergens’ actions, but damage to the clothes might depend on the material you use.

6. Water workouts in Indoor pools

When you swimming in the indoor pools due to most of them are cleaned using chlorine mixed water it positively impacts you if you are in a sort of allergy level. It can highly be irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract after exposing to several minutes.

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Stay way from Chlorine water

It might be 3-7 times higher riskier than compared with non-chlorine mixed indoor pools.

This condition much lessor than outdoor pools. But if you are smelling the chlorine in default in the pool, it can be sure to have it inside of your body.

If you can by making a better-covered region you can rescue the influence by the chlorine. Mostly eye covers mask covers are very helpful in this kind of situation.

7. Morning Baths

There is no direct issue with bathing mornings. But when you deal with allergy conditions, mostly pollens dust particles and other allergens can easily stay on your body by quick travel outside.

Not only your clothes, they can be stuck in your hair and body parts also. Therefore, when you have a shower keep in mind to have to after you went outside.

Also always keep in mind to be cleaned before you sleep. Because any remained allergen stick in your body can easily enter your respiratory system.

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