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After the covid-19 virus has come on to the stage we all worry about the air quality almost everywhere. Not only in our homes, restaurants, our daily transport system, even on the sidewalk there is kind of uncertainly, where it safe or not. But among all of the one the main place you have to be worrying about your working environment.

What do you know about the air quality in there, what should you have to worried about? What can we do, from today’s know you facts lets aware about our workplace air quality. Read and enjoy.

If you have concerned more than 50 % of your daily lifestyle has been allocated into working place with no doubt. According to records, there is a higher risk of bad air quality impact to a person when it comes to indoor other than outside.

Considering these facts, we can say that, for a normal job routine person has to proper consideration to workplace air quality other than everything.

After the pandemic season due to most businesses and companies have started again higher attention has been laid on a better atmosphere to ensure a better working environment.

Also with such background customers and clients have put a serious concern about health protection background in office areas.

Therefore, in another hand, it has become a marketing point for your product or for the service with capable of making a sufficient impact on a huge community in society.

Why we should Talk about Workplace Air Quality

Nearest Fact: COVID-19 pandemic

Okay, this can be given as the best reason for the year 2021. Other than most hidden air contaminates coronavirus has spread worldwide panic our stay to check the few meters around you, okay to your lungs.

air quality
Air Quality with Covid – 19

Even though after we have taken place steps to avoid the situation any deviation can proceed the situation back to where it was.

Even after movement regulations have been slackening, the working environments are mainly staying deal with contaminant risk with the virus under poor attention. If you are exposed to the workplace, it might be the perfect reason for the infect your family members and other close ones.

As mentioned before, in the week, most of your time has been devoted to your work. There is a reasonable chance to worry about air quality in your office as an updated situation.

Laws and Regulations Say You Must

Work in a well-maintained health and safety environment is not a facility or an advantage. It is a law enacted to protect employees as an employer’s duty.

Act 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 for the Health and safety all employees have to work under safe environment under the supervision of the Department of Labor concerning rules OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Under these regulations apart from air quality, you need to worry about parameters like light conditions, indoor noise, heat, and humidity, etc.

So if you are whether employer or employee you need to have proper updated knowledge about your health and safety needs. Remember, It’s a right, not a benefit.

New Updates, Update your Air Quality Also

Another reason for proper updating air quality is the transformation of the environmental conditions from time to time.

Mostly, in a country like the united states, due to seasonal differences, you need to worry about different climate conditions and rely on that, you need to change technology and basic footsteps to have to be taken place to create a safer office atmosphere.

Also, you have to worry about the different situations and surrounding updates with time.

It simply might be a traffic increment in your area. Some of the coworkers might be very sensitive to such small transformations in the environment. Therefore, few extra steps should be in the pocket to always get ready.

Public Awareness and Client Obligations

This is a kind of partial requirement which is impacts directly sales and marketing.

Even though your industry provides better service to the public, your competitors and public rivals in the industry always peak eye to find a weak point to impact your uplift as a marketing technique.

mark potterton sNVkn3507Oo unsplash
When Update your Work place Update your Air quality

Even any weakness in the working environment can be considered as a tricky point in any movement. Therefore, a proper awareness to the public, your updates of the health and safety are needed to be done time to time.

Also in some of the client communities request safety steps and updates on the wellbeing of the workers. Proper air quality and other parameters do a big role in that.

Also, it does add extra marketing value to your service and working place.

Upgrade Working Environment

Scientifically records have proven proper ventilation systems in a working area with renewing air quality always increase the working capacity of the employees and keep them fresh.

Working in a bad atmosphere creates laziness, tiredness with a lack of the proper level of oxygen to the brain. Also another better way of increase the efficiency in your workload.

So on every side its impact your company income efficiency and productivity in somehow…

What are Air Contaminants in Your Working Place?

1. Ozone (O3)

One of the prominent air contaminants in the working area is Ozone. The main reason behind this is the photocopier machines which daily operate million times. Apart from that electric motors, electrostatic air cleaners release ozone gas in their operations.

pexels cottonbro 3201783
Ozone effect near photocopier machines

This gas cause headache, coughing, eye, nose, and throat irritation when you are exposed to more than a threshold level. Read More

2. Carbon dioxide (CO2), Tobacco smoke, Perfume, Body odors

Most bigger working firms and modern working environments have identified locations for smoking. Mostly indoor smoking is prohibited in working areas. But the stink that comes from a smoked person can be easily spread throughout the room when there is an air conditioner.

If your working area nearby city, practically it can easily get polluted with co2 and other unburned pollutants which comes vehicle traffic and other industrial burnings.

jonathan kemper RuMzMXNenKg unsplash
Smoke in Office time

We all know office areas are very filled with Perfumes and body orders all the time. When you using body odor that spritz contains “volatile organic compounds (VOCs)”.

Once you spray, the VOCs react with sunlight and other chemicals in the atmosphere to form ozone pollution. So on one has it makes your smell good and on the other hand make you sick. Read More.

3. Dust, Fiberglass, Asbestos, Gases, including Formaldehyde

These things are normally adding up by construction working and other maintaining tasks. But practically most offices have these kinds of situations all the time even in a small level.

Due to those even though cleaning services are managed to have hygienic surrounding in the, mentioned pollutants can be added to your atmosphere. And become a reason for several health issues. Read More.

4. Dust mites

Most dust mites have become a big reason for many respiratory system issues.

In working areas carpets, fabric, foam chair cushions are good homes for dust mites. Even though they are being cleaned from time to time, unlike house furniture they can easily get dirty in offices when hundreds of people are using them. Read More.

austin distel S7 KX8geL0 unsplash
Dust mites can easily be in furniture

Therefore, there is a practical risk in every office, unless you don’t have furniture much.

5. Fungi, Molds

These kinds of microbial impact are very common in indoor areas. Not only in offices most homes are a good place to grow mold and other health impact reasons.

A high level of humidity and high moisture can easily cause fungi and mold in the wall.

How Can I Recognize Bad Air Quality at My Office?

Bad air quality is not something you cannot exactly be dealt with. Most of the work atmospheres have it at a certain level.

adrian swancar roCfgvkBLVY unsplash
Bad Air quality in office impact your health

Try to control it, is the best way to deal with it. Before dealing with it, you have to identify the situation. The main indicator is you. Because no one exactly identifies bad air quality until it gives illness symptoms through the community.

Following health conditions can be identified as a few of them.

  1. Headache
  2. Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin
  3. Fatigue
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Hypersensitivity and allergies
  6. Coughing and sneezing
  7. Dizziness
  8. Nausea
  9. Sinus congestion

Apart from that bad air quality gives following habits in between your office colleagues.

  1. Laziness
  2. Sleepiness
  3. Yawing

If these symptoms can be seen in the in-between number of people in your atmosphere from time to time, there is some issue to be fixed immediately.

Also if there are,

  1. walls ceilings and window with mold
  2. indoor seed plants
  3. flat surface with dust etc.

in your office, you have something problem in air quality to be checked about right now.

What can we do to Keep the Proper Air Quality at work Place?

Most employers do not pay better attention to air quality. Sometimes it might be a bit of a cost and on another hand, it is sort of a hindrance to daily functions.

But practically it reduces your employees’ work efficiency which indirectly impacts your production or the service.
So let’s see what can practically upgrade your air quality.

1. Keep the Walls Celling’s cleaned

Do not grow mold grow in the wall celling and other inside premises.

Make too sure to keep all flat surfaces dust-free

Do not lead to growing indoor seed plants

cdc VRpjDw3WqqI unsplash
Clean the walls and windows

The indoor washroom should be kept well cleaned. Always try to reduce the inner moisture level in the washroom and entrance moisture to the working environment.

2. Air quality in Exhaust Louvers

Most of the well-managed working areas have got Exhaust Louvers which do a good job to keep indoor airways clean.

But from time to time make sure to keep them clean and unobstructed with dust mold and other dirt.

3. CO2 / CO Sources

Do not working areas are directly open to Parking garages and loading docks.

If you are using gas stoves or any kind of heating appliances make sure to use them in the proper indoor managed area (under exhausted fans, especially designed areas)

Always keep maintaining a proper smoke detecting system

If there is a requirement for smoking, arrange a smoking room or update some policy as smoke-free

Make sure to store chemicals in a very safe room. Maintain proper exhaust fans from time to time in those areas.

4. Clean your Photocopier machines, Electric motors, Electrostatic air cleaners

Most electric motor running machines and other cleaning machines should be replaced from time to time

If there are Photocopier machines, online connect them with to reduce minimum human contact, also in the photocopying process make sure to keep your minimum distances.

Make sure to maintain machines from time to time to proper operation.

5. Ventilation System, Air purifiers, Humidifiers, Diffusers, Air conditioners

All of these cleaning types of equipment, setups should be updated from time to time, Filters are needed to be replaced.

With help of technical support check them, their performance with existing working atmosphere conditions and capacity.

In the ventilation systems, make sure to shut down then weekend and night times. If there any specific locations like gas stoves, laboratories, chemical storages, and risk-based environments make check ventilation under better supervision and always make sure to keep it on.

m b m wzE Bs00TWA unsplash 1
Clean Air Conditioners in regulars time intervals

If you are using air purifiers, replace them to make sure their compatibility in cover the capacity and try to update the filter as mentioned from time to time.

When using diffusers and humidifiers always try to free mold and keep them unobstructed, Also having proper knowledge about the usage of humidifiers and chemicals related it usage is compulsory.

Air conditioners are very widely used in office rooms which manage the atmosphere of a considerable amount of staff. When you are using A/C make sure to apply number them along with proper ratio with staff. A/C machines are always deal with moisture conditions in the atmosphere.

Therefore, it has got a chance to deal with mold from time to time near them.

6. Go with Common sense in Air Quality

Open the window in a period with a minimum amount of outdoor air pollution. Make sure to flow that fresh air through windows.

Cleaning all chairs carpets from time to time with proper guidance is also needed.

pexels daria shevtsova 3644742
Go Green for Indoor Air quality

Make sure to keep a better odor inside the rooms with practical techniques
Use indoor recommended plants, as office décor and developed greenness.

Any activity related to smoke or any volatile gas releasing, do it outside. Otherwise, it gives extra weight to the ventilation system and cleaners.

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