Before You Select a Home Heater – Know Your Facts


It has been 3 weeks, but the heat of Christmas between us even in January still. Actually, not “the heat” it’s “the cool”. The Winter season has not left us even with these pandemic days. You may not still suffer lockdown, but the cool wind breeze still locks us inside your homes.

It is easy to catch a cold in winter other than any other season. Especially with Covid-19, everyone keeps their eyes open to not get sick for any reason. On this cool, you may also plan to bring a heater to your home to get rid of shivering nights. Before selecting a home heater did you know there are some facts that you should be considered about. Read the latest article in Know Your Facts -Before You Select a Home Heater before making a decision. Read and enjoy.

1.Know your Home Heater Type

If you go to the online store or a market, there will be several options for a heater. Many brand names and variations. But before you do select analysis of those categories one by one.

Otherwise 100 % sure, you will spend extra money assuming, “ what a brand”. Here are some categories in the market depend on their functionality.

1.1 Convection Heater (famous as Fan heaters)

home heater
Convenction Heater

According to high school physics class, convection is one way of transfer heat. Air is coming out with touching a hot surface and transfers heat outside.
Under the convection heaters, there are other kinds of heaters too.
1.1.1 Fan heaters
1.1.2 Furnace heaters
1.1.3 Oil-filled heaters

Most convection heaters come with timers and they can be easily programmed. Some of them included an inbuilt thermostat, therefore they can be activated depending on home temperature condition.

1.2 Radiation Heaters

Radiation is another method of heat transferring. These heaters are generating IR(In far-red) electromagnetic waves. Those waves can transfer heat as energy in their path of travel.

So if you are a person in front of the heater and feel the heat without a breeze, it probably could be Radiation Heater.

heater in room
Radiation Heater

Radiation Heaters have few categories
1.2.1. Radiant panels
1.2.2. Gas
1.2.3. Electric

The fun fact is because they are EM radiation, they travel through invisible, not much energy loss, and easily can travel in most mediums.

From these two types, a convection heater is much suitable for room heating. But the fact is convection travel through the surface easily, heat can also be leaked any loophole.

So you have to use it in a well-covered room. Otherwise, you can see a happy face after the electricity bill has come.

Radiation heaters are good and efficient with short-distance heating. It is hard to heat a room with a radiation home heater.

Radiation can only heat up objects one by one separately they even can be used outdoors unlike convection heaters.

Therefore depending on your requirement, you can select one anyway.

2. Check the home Heater Energy Efficiency & Heating Capacity

As we all know heaters are types of equipment that come with a longer electricity bill. Therefore buying a heater is future cost addition to your list of bills. But depending on the requirement do a wise selection can be a long-term investment on other hand.

Most of the heaters are in the market designed to warm up rooms depend on room sizes. If you know the size of your room (in square feet) there is a good chance to make a wise purchase.

It’s like the rule of thumb you need 10 watts to heat up each 1 square foot of room. Even though most of the reviews say heater Energy Efficiency & Heating Capacity are two factors, they are related to each other.

Therefore a quick look at both of them is very helpful for your pocket anyway.

For example, assume that you have got a 20 squared ft. size room that wants to be heated. For that you need a (20 x 10 =) 200 watt size convection heater. Actually, the value can be changed depending on the height and volume of your room.

And depending on the types of equipment you have got (which also absorb that heat).

There are heaters in the market that also do not apply this rule anyway. Therefore, you can get help from HVAC professional support to choose the best fit for you.

The latest designs are coming with an inbuilt adjustable timer & thermostats, and programmable heat controllers. Therefore they can operate with much environmentally friendly power-saving efficient technology anyway.

3. Home Heater- Noise Level

Good Sleep without noise

The noise level of electrical equipment seems like not much important factor to worry about. Actually, if there is extra noise that means it sometimes might be annoying anyway.

But it is a direct indicator of your equipment spending extra electricity on something besides. Normally indoor heaters most times convection heaters are noisy with their design. Before selecting a heater for your home check and verify if it comes least noise interruption.

Most automated heaters reduce the “humming” noise after the room gets fully heated. But, if you get the noise keep coming anyway, capacity and motor should be checked.

Most of the radiation home heaters are quite noiseless and much suitable to use in bedrooms.

4.What about Home Heater Safety

It a real parameter that should worry about. Due to most heaters keep near-human touch and they got heated surface functionality of safety is very important.

Most of the heaters contained automatically switch off when it exceeds an unsafe temperature level. Also, due to the high-risk end of fire hazard, the heater should contain an automatic turn off when the fell.

Another good safety option you need to check is the “cool-to-the-touch surfaces” function.

Due to any touch of surface of heater do not transfer noticeable high heat to the user because of this. Radiation heaters, usually apply most of these safety features anyway.

In summary, when you select a heater type, efficiency, noise, area, and safety are parameters you should be worried about. When you select a type, it mostly depends on your need.

Area and efficiency depend on your capacity of the room. Noise and safety parameters should worry about highly anyway.

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