Space Heater, Smart Wall Space Heater 800W Portable Electric, Small Space Heater, Programmable Adjustable Thermostat, Fast Heating, Low Noise, Safe Use (Grey) Price: $23.90 (as of 01/02/2024 13:24 PST- Details)

☀️ Plug rotation: There is a small button next to the plug, press and hold the button to rotate the plug 180°. (Rotate to the right or to the left)
☀️ Wall socket electric space heater with adjustable thermostat and timer and LED display, fast heating, low noise, overheat protection, safe heater for offices, dormitories and kennels
☀️Energy-efficient Space Heater: Compared with high power-consuming centralized heaters, this small high-efficient heater helps you to say goodbye to a mounting electricity bill

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