5 Best UV Air Purifiers in 2022

Best UV Air Purifiers

Best UV air purifiers in the markets are mostly allocated for killing the germs and purifying the air on industrial sides.

Mostly in the laboratories and medical-based conditions. Even though they have got a higher level of effectiveness and better performance, UV air purifiers lead a set of common beliefs around them without having proper awareness in the community.

Therefore, from today’s Know Your Facts, we decided to talk about what are these UV air purifiers, how they operate, and the 6 best UV air purifiers on the market. Stay tuned. Read and enjoy.

What is Ultra Violet?

Ultraviolet aka UV is radiation with a lower wavelength (high energy) in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

Other than ultraviolet sources, UV radiation comes from the sun. With classification, this UV spectrum has been divided into three separate categories, given as UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

When most harmful UV-C rays are absorbed by the upper atmosphere, skin burn causing UV-B is controlled by the ozone layer.
Other than sunlight there are several kinds of artificial UV generating sources.

  1. UV LEDs
  2. UV lasers
  3. VUV – Vacuum ultraviolet
  4. Gas discharge lamps
  5. UV air purifiers
  6. ” Black lights”
  7. UV lamps

Harmful side of the UV light

UV light is a sort of keyword which gives to our mind that its open exposure is quite harmful. As mentioned earlier, UV-B from the sunlight harms our outside organs. For examples:

  1. photo-keratitis (eye condition caused by painful UV exposure)
  2. skin redness
  3. skin cancers
karelys ruiz PqyzuzFiQfY unsplash
skin abnormalities can easily be caused by UV-C rays

Other than these, the higher energy of the UV light accelerates some reactions.

For example, the reaction between volatile organic compounds and nitrogen gases (NOx) develops the ozone which is an extremely health-hazardous compound to humans.

This reaction can easily be enhanced by UV light.

Benefits side of the UV light

Even though we assume UV only represents the beneficial side too. Because on one hand there is a sort of UV requirement for the body to keep our metabolisms.

1. Fulfill our vitamin D requirement

As our school says exposure to a bit of morning sunlight increases your body’s vitamin D factor which is obviously covered by ultraviolet radiation.

This vitamin booster maintains our body’s calcium metabolism, insulin secretion, blood pressure, immunity, and cell propagation like several activities.

This obviously reduces blood pressure, diabetes, and any blood circulation systems-related health issues. So it’s the best free vitamin supplement you can have.

Other than that UV light maintains skin melanin and Serotonin levels.

2. Mood up

3. Increase body energy level

4. UV radiation therapy

5. Air purification

Other than these there are several scientific and industrial beneficial sides of ultraviolet radiation have too.

What is Air Purification by UV light?

Other than these, UV light is especially applied in the air purification process.
Unlike general air purification systems, UV air purifiers do not trap air-borne contaminants through their trapping filters.

UV air purifiers are using UV – C light-generating lamps inside the purifier. As mentioned earlier, UV-C radiation is harmful and damages living beings’ DNA.

This technique is used to remove and inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses in the indoor atmosphere.

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Air purification through UV light

Even though we assume that purifications are just the process of switching ON there are several factors behind this:

  1. Contact between UV light and pathogens
  2. Power of the UV light
  3. Exposure time period
  4. Speed of airflow
  5. Material of the UV source

But the practical issue is, that UV purification systems cannot handle indoor air pollutants with a single hand.

Most UV air purifiers are combined with high-efficiency performance air (HEPA) filters too.

Who often uses UV air purification?

The main purpose of the UV air purification system is to eradicate micro-scale living pathogens. Other than using air purifiers, HAVC systems also use UV sources.

There are several kinds of industries that use UV sources in purifications. Some of them are:

  1. Food and beverage storage
  2. Medical and biological laboratories
  3. Water bottlers to sterilization
  4. Wastewater treatment plants

Normally, domestic areas do not use UV air purifiers more often. Due to the risk of health-hazardous potential (even though minimized by the latest technology).

Why UV air purifiers are not commonly used in domestic areas?

As previously mentioned harmful side of the UV light applies to air purifiers too. UV light becomes a helpful source of developing Ozone in indoor areas.

Mainly UV-C radiation has higher involvement. But portable air purifiers with UV purification system has been limited up to a certain level.

Therefore, the most recommended UV-purification locations are the industrial and medical purposes which are the places having a higher level of alive air contaminating pathogens.

Best UV Air Purifiers

1. Germ Guardian AC5350B Air Purifier

Unlike purifier, Germ Guardian AC5350B run under 4 stages of air purification. Through its pre-filter, it filters dust, pet dander, and many larger air pollutants.

Best UV Air Purifiers
Germ Guardian AC5350B – Best UV Air Purifiers

By using an activated carbon filter and UV-light lamp, it avoids the odors, VOCs, and several kinds of bacterial and viral airborne pathogens effectively.

Final HEPA filters remove fine particles down to 0.3-micron size with 99.97% efficiency. Other than this purifier especially runs under ultra-quite sleeping mode which is quite helpful for indoor areas.

  1. Size –
    a. 9.06 x 6.69 x 27.56 inches
  2. Filter configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Charcoal activated carbon filter
    c. UV-C bulb
    d. HEPA filter
  3. Certifications-
    a. Energy start certified
    b. CARB Compliant
    c. AHAM verified

2. SilverOnyx Air Purifier

This air purifier is specially designed for air purification of larger rooms with its 5 stages of air purification.

Best UV Air Purifiers
SilverOnyx – Best UV Air Purifiers

Other than fine particle filtration by an H13 HEPA filter, and germ protection of UV light, SilverOnyx Air Purifier runs with an ionizer, which helps to automatically adjust the airflow rate depending on real-time air quality.

  1. Size –
    a. 10.5 x 10.5 x 16.5 inches
  2. Room size –
    a. 500 sq. ft rooms recommended
  3. Filtration configuration
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Activated Carbon filter
    c. HEPA filter
    d. UV-light
    e. Built-in ionizer

3. TruSens Z-3500 Air Purifier

With a specific cylindrical shape, Trusens air purifiers are knowns as UV -c light using better performing air purifiers in this category.

Best UV Air Purifiers
TruSens Z-3500 – Best UV Air Purifiers

Unlike other Trusens air purifiers, Z-3500 can be easily handled with Alexa and WIFI through its mobile application. With 4 steps of air purification, this air purifier is better performing in large rooms especially.

Other than that its design special is capable of 360 air intake and bi-directional airflow delivery which is 24% more efficient than traditional vertical airflow.

  1. Size –
    a. 12.99 x 13.19 x 31.89 inches
  2. Room –
    a. 1425 sq. ft recommended
  3. Fans settings –
    a. Whisper /1 /2 3 /Turbo
  4. Filtration configuration –
    a. Washable prefilter
    b. Activated Carbon air filter
    c. True HEPA filter
    d. UV-C light

4. InvisiClean Aura II Air Purifier

According to the manufacturer’s specification, this air purifier is quite fit for larger rooms to higher proper performance with 4 stage air cleaning system.

Best UV Air Purifiers
InvisiClean Aura II – Best UV Air Purifiers

By using a less electricity-consuming DC motor that utilizes low EMF radiation, this air purifier doubles the air output capability (an increase of 82% of normal technology).

Also with lab-tested 99.99% elimination of influenza H1N1 virus, this air purifier stays at the top of the list in the market with UV light air purification.

  1. Size –
    a. 12.34 x 6.25 x 17.75 inches
  2. Room Size –
    a. 170 cfm
    b. 1276 sq. ft (1 cover per hour)
    c. 319 sq. ft (4 covers per hour)
  3. Filter configuration –
    a. H13 True HEPA
    b. Activated carbon filter
    c. In-built ionizer
    d. UV-C light
  4. Certification –
    a. CARB certified
    b. ETL listed
    c. SGS tested
    d. FCC certified

5. Modify MA-50 Air Purifier

Higher performance and 500 cfm of higher CADR value Medify MA-50 air purifiers are specified for UV-light-based medical-grade protection.

Best UV Air Purifiers
Modify MA-50 – Best UV Air Purifiers

Unlike normal HEPA filters, this air purifier is running with an H13 HEPA filter which is capable of filtering particles down to 0.1-micron size.

  1. size –
    a. 24.9 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches
  2. Room –
    a. CADR 500
    b. 2200 sq. ft – 1 cover in one-hour
    c. 1100 sq. ft – 1 cover in 0.5 hour
  3. Noise –
    a. Night – 35 dB
    b. Day – 56 dB
  4. Certifications-
    a. CARB certified
    b. ETL listed
    c. Energy-star certified
  5. Filter Configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. HEPA H13 filter
    c. Activated Carbon filter
    d. UV light

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.

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