Best 5 Wall Mounted Air Purifiers in 2022

Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Wall mounted air purifiers are the upcoming domestic trend in most homes lately due to several reasons. People love it instead of using normal bulky, space-consuming typical air purifiers no doubt. Are you also planning to buy a wall air purifier?

If so, you came to the right place. Because today we are going to talk about what are these wall mounted air purifiers, why should you need one and the top 5 wall mounted air purifiers in the market with Lassowond Know Your Facts? So stay tuned. Read and enjoy.

What are Wall Mounted Air Purifiers?

Typical air purifiers in the market have been designed to place in specific spaces on the floor. Some of them are portable and can even fit on your desk or car cabby holders.

The practical issue of the typical air purifiers are they can only be placed in significant and noticeable space, unlike most electronic utilities. Otherwise, they cannot perform as mentioned in the specifications.

In tiny apartments and dorm rooms, this causes a noticeable fall down in the purification process and increases the power consumption by a block of the filters.

In such a case, manufacturers decided to place air purifiers on the walls like flat screens. These are known as wall mounted air purifiers.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Before buying Wall Mounted Air Purifiers there are pros and cons in you need to worry about, compared with typical air purifiers.


1. Higher efficiency

These air purifiers can access a larger amount of space in the atmosphere and clean it more efficiently than the normal one

2. Reduce the floor hindrance

Because most air purifiers required a noticeable space and they create a hindrance to other furniture in the room. Wall mounted air purifiers reduce this inconvenience at a significant level.

crew IXHNBGTKJfw unsplash
A wall-mounted air purifier can approach a bigger atmosphere

3. Access to the upper atmosphere

Most air purifiers cannot directly clean the region of our breathing and start purification from the ground level. Unlike that, wall mounted air purifiers can be set up to our convenient position.


1. Not portable

As mentioned “mounted” says air purifiers cannot portable to place depending on your requirement.

Because they are much more convenient to implement on homes and apartments with fixed residential locations. But lately, there are portable wall mounted air purifiers which directly connected to wall power sockets.

2. Not purifying wall-side

This is one main complaint we often notice in wall mounted air purifiers. How are they efficiently performing when the side of the area is entirely covered by the room.

Actually, most wall mounted air purifiers in the markets have large-scale areas which open to the outside than most air purifiers.

As a matter of fact, instead of absorbing 360 airways, it can directly call the 180 atmospheres in front of it.

Place Wall Mounted Air purifiers

Unlike typical air purifiers, wall mounted air purifiers are not used in places near the floor (even though they can). Some people even do not bother to fix them into walls.

They just lean it into a wall and just plug it assuming that best thing you can do. Actually, it does not. In the mounting process, you can follow these guidelines for an efficient purifying process.

  1. First, you have a select wall with the least level of wall hindrance in the room. Better performance might achieve through the least burden level.
  2. Chose a better height level between 3-5 feet from the floor level.
  3. Set a location near to power socket. Otherwise hanging wire and power extension add obnoxious décor to the wall
  4. Mount the purifier with the given installation kit.
  5. Once in a while (per six months) check whether the mount still has a firm attachment to the wall.

Best 5 Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

1. Clarifion – GL-139 Air purifier

This small size portable air purifier is specially designed for mounting into walls through plug sockets.

Even though it has no filtration system, through negative ion generation it captures airborne particles while generating harmful ozone particles.

Air Purifier
Clarifion – GL-139 Air purifier

But due to its portable facilities and easy use, people give a higher market value to this product.

Here are some specifications of this product:

  1. Size -1.82″D x 2.56″W x 4.13″H
  2. Room – 100 sq. ft
  3. Special Features –
    a. Ionization Technology
    b. Sleek Design
    c. Low noise and low energy consumption
    d. No filters

2. RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier

By the protection of six stages of air purification, RabbirAir MinusA2 wall mount air purifier is known as a top-rated purifier in the market fit for large room areas.

Air Purifier
RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier

Other than being mounted on the wall, this air purifier can use with a standalone design.

Here are some specifications of this product:

  1. Size -22.83 x 22.68 x 10.08 inches
  2. Room –
    a. 815 sq.ft (CADR)
    i. 200(Pollen)
    ii. 193 (Dust)
    iii. 180 (Smoke)
    b. 700 sq.ft (CADR)
    i. 171(Pollen)
    ii. 173 (Dust)
    iii. 166 (Smoke)
  3. Filter Configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Medium filter
    c. BioGS HEPA filter
    d. Customized filter
    i. Germ defense filter
    ii. Toxin absorber filter
    iii. Pet allergy filter
    iv. Odor recover filter
    e. Charcoal-based Activated carbon filter
    f. Negative Ion Generator
  4. Certification –
    a. Energy Star Certified

3. MISSUE Air Purifier

This purifier is coming with three stages of an air purification system plus a decorative exterior design.

With the automated system and whispering, noise operation is quite perfect for a room with a good night’s sleep.

Air Purifier
MISSUE Air Purifier

Here are some specifications of this product:

  1. Size – 13.4 x 4.3 x 11.4 inches
  2. Room –
    a. CADR -190
    b. 300 sq.ft (clean in 18 minutes)
  3. Filtration system –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Active Carbon filter
    c. True HEPA filter

4. Webetop Air Purifier

With a different shape exterior design, this purifier comes with 6 stages of air purification. Its disk shape design is quite unique and helpful for users to use it as a portable device and automatically operates with real-time air quality.

Air Purifier
Webetop Air Purifier

Other than air quality this device gives real-time indoor temperature levels and humidity through its LED panel. One of the main advantages of this purifier is it can easily mount onto a wall using a power socket.

Here are some specifications of this product:

  1. Size- 16″ x 15″ x 6″ inches
  2. Filtration system –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. True HEPA filter
    c. HESA filter
    d. Activated carbon filter
    e. UV light
    f. Negative ion

5. Medify MA-35 Air Purifier

With a higher level of CADR value, this air purifier is quite Ideal for homes, apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, schools, universities, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

Air Purifier
Medify MA-35 Air Purifier

Here are some specifications of this product:

  1. Size -19.7″ x 25.7″ x 6.9″
  2. Noise -66 dB(Max)
    a. Room- CADR (290)
    b. 1280 sq.ft(60 minutes)
    c. 640 sq.ft(30 minutes)
  3. Filtration system –
    a. H13 HEPA filter
  4. Certifications-
    a. CARB certified
    b. ETL listed
    c. Energy star certified

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.

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