1000W Small Space Heaters for Indoor Use, PTC Ceramic Personal Heater with Overheating & Tip-Over Protection, Quiet Heating for Desktop Office Home

Amazon.com Price: $21.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:16 PST- Details)

【Advanced Personal Heater】: The unit is a compact, ceramic-element space heater. Great for middle, small personal spaces such as in an office (under your feet while you work), or a bedroom. Different settings give varied amounts of heat and give users much more control over their personal comfort.
【Thermostat Control】: An easy-to-use adjustable thermostat is built into the small heater. The thermostat keeps it comfortably warm and saves you money on heating bills in the winter. Lightweight and easy to use. Gives an adequate amount of heat as a small unit used in a normal size bedroom.
【3 Operating Modes】: There are three modes, Natural wind, Low heating 700W, and High heating 1000W. You can regulate the temperature easily. With strong heat output, you can feel the warmth immediately. Low wattage space heaters are more economical than high-wattage ones and don’t overload circuits.

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