What are Spring Seasonal illnesses – Know Your Facts


After the spring has come everything in the surrounding has been challenged beautifully. No crazy cool or burning hot days. Trees are getting new leaves. Everything lays in a perfect pattern. Earth is refreshing. Despite being that perfect, a group of people is facing seasonal allergies during the spring days. Sometimes it’s not you. It’s maybe your close ones. In today’s Know Your Facts (What are Spring Seasonal illnesses) let’s talk about spring Seasonal illnesses we face. Read and Enjoy.

Why Spring gives Seasonal illnesses?

In the spring season, trees are starting their cycle of re-production. Most flower pollen is traveling everywhere finding suitable ground to start its journey. Sometimes it comes from your neighborhood. Sometimes it may have traveled a thousand miles.

But, when this pollen enters a person’s nose who is allergic, that body gives an “ Enemy attack” siren warning.

Pollen allergy

The guard of the body aka immune system sees this as a potentially dangerous condition.

It releases the antibodies to be against this small “pollen” terrorist. This condition starts the allergy symptoms in the body like runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.

Allergy reactions can be varied from person to person. It depends on how much histamine, released by the body as the antibody. Most of the community doesn’t identify as sick. But again it depends on a person’s genetic behavior.

Despite the allergies, there are several illnesses that start with spring.

Another main reason for the seasonal illness is the change of the weather gives bad vibes to the personal immune system. The sudden change of nature cannot be easily tolerated by some people.

There are other kinds of reasons depend on the illnesses.

Famous Seasonal illnesses

1. Allergies

Seasonal Illnesses

As mentioned above, pollen is the main reason for allergies. In most local weather forecast reports pollen conditions are mentioned from time to time.

If you got the following symptoms it’s mandatory to take a consultation from a doctor with the spring season begin.

Symptoms of Allergies

1) Sneezing
2) congestion
3) Postnasal drip
4) Facial pain
5) Coughing
6) Skin abnormalities ( Itching, redded)
7) Nose itchiness and throat pains
8) Red, itchy eyes

Actually, most people assume allergies are a sort of minor issue that passes with time.

But that condition changes from person to person. It can give the outcome from small sneezing to death. To read more about dust allergies click here.

2. Rhinovirus (Common cold)

Normally, we get cold in winter with bad weather. When it comes in spring it is called Rhinovirus.

Due to it spread like a virus, 50 % chance it is named after the common cold. It shows typically cold symptoms and easily transmits from person to person.

Basically, viruses attack weak immune systems in their population. Even so, if you have got proper sanitary practices and a healthy lifestyle you have got a minimum chance to got with Rhinovirus.

Also with washing hands regularly and avoidance of touching the eyes, nose, and mouth give extra help on that side.

3. Lyme Disease

Have you ever heard about Deer ticks? If you do or not, they are the main reason behind this illness.

Normally, these tiny ticks are fond of acting above 35° F temperature levels. Therefore spring season is a good environment for their growth quickly.

erik karits I mwCtgvpM4 unsplash
Ticks, the reason for Rhinovirus

Most of the time if you are outdoor near the trees and forest area, these ticks and easily attack you.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

1) Rash
2) Fever
3) Chills
4) Headache
5) Fatigue
6) Muscle and joint aches

Normally, Few days after the bites, you will show the symptoms which should be treated properly. If the conditions are neglected, illness can be last years. An untreated long time can lead to the following symptoms.

1) Serious headaches
2) Facial paralysis
3) Intermittent muscle, joint, tendon, and bone aches
4) Heart disorders
5) Neurological disorders
6) Arthritis symptoms

Also, it can rarely lead to death. Therefore treating in the first few days is better than serious conditions.

4. Pink Eyes

Most of us got this experience when we were in school. Normally, school kids get condition with the pink or light red color watering eye.

This condition can be developed with a viral or bacterial infection. Sometimes it comes from an allergic background. The best guide can be taken from a doctor’s consultation.

Main symptoms of pink eyes illness

1) Redness in eyes
2) Itchiness in eyes
3) A gritty feeling in one or both eyes
4) Tearing

Indeed with the red-eye, the most annoying thing is it feels like something has stuck inside the eye. And also due to this is a viral condition by touching the eye and scratch them it can easily spread through others.

5. Asthma attacks- Seasonal illnesses

cigarette with inhaler
Asthma allergy

It is the most famous seasonal illness you may have heard. There is a large population in the United state who lives with asthma in their day-to-day life successfully.

Spring weather conditions and temperature changes and other environmental factors are developing the triggers for this illness. Indeed asthma is a disease that can be controlled with proper medical guidance.

To know asthma more click here.

Without a doubt, We all know Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. If you follow better healthy guidance and stay safe it might be much good as we all expect.

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