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After the pandemic situation has been blown over with time in little by little, are you also ready to restart your normal life under limited healthy barriers? If you are a restaurant owner or a customer, you are surely waiting to have a fresh start or have some outdoor fresh foods at any time. But have you worried about the health condition of your restaurant as an owner? Created indoor cleaned air quality might be an extra advantage to your marketing.

Also as consumers, peek an eye to verify whether you are safe or not even the foods are delicious. So what can we do to have better indoor restaurant air quality, how can it impact us?

Let’s discuss today’s article “How to Upgrade your Restaurant Air Quality?” Stay with Know Your Facts. Read and Enjoy.

Upgrade Your HVAC system for better Air Quality

The HVAC system (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) of a restaurant is the key factor for better air quality.

Even though you do not have Covid pandemic health barriers, as a restaurant owner you have to maintain them in regular time intervals. Mostly if your kitchen is very smoky or a location nearby is an urban area, it is a compulsory requirement indeed.

HVAC system for Air Quality
Upgrade Your HVAC system for Air Quality

HVAC system cleans the inner atmosphere of the restaurant equally the front and back. Due to different weather conditions, filters can easily be stuck with air particles and molds can be grown in there.

Due to this kind of situation, apart from smelly ness in the atmosphere, storage food can be easily get contaminated.

Also, these kinds of situations are directly lead to origin air contaminants which make your co-workers can easily get sick from time to time. Read More.

Also, If you are a customer always be aware of the proper ventilation system in a selected restaurant or be bother to select ones that have a better indoor atmosphere.

It might be an indirect sign of the hygiene foods and quality of the service.

If you are a restaurant owner, your restaurant is serving proper ventilation inside, it might be quite good protection from Covid situation inside the restaurant due to you good refreshing atmosphere.

Such an influence can easily make sell as a marketing value. So, You are the person who has to pull the right trigger, even to make a pandemic into such an advantage. Play wisely.

Air Scrubbers and De-humidifiers for better Air Quality

Using air scrubbers is one good solution in keeping the well Air quality in restaurants.

Because apart from removing the bad odor they are capable of many air contaminants like toxic gases, chemical fumes, dust, mold, and many more. Due to these are much portable, other than the HVAC system, they can use everywhere at any time.

Kitchen Smoke
Capture Kitchen Smoke better Air Quality

At the industrial level, air scrubbers are very widely used in Water/fire damage restoration professionals, construction level cleaning. So you can get an idea it might be very efficient in indoor restaurant backgrounds. To Read More…

Also if you are a restaurant manager you should know about dehumidifiers. They are very famous in storages and manufacturing plants, under the reason of removing the humidity in the atmosphere. In the large restaurant sector if you are maintaining storage this might be very helpful and it eventually benefits with preventing developing molds and odor in your valuable goods. To Read More …

On the practical side depend on your capacity and depend on the air quality you need to clean, you can decide to use both a humidifier and air scrubber in the market.

But always be worry about the efficiency you needed to be chosen due to vast area of products depend on your specific requirement.

Sanitizers for Air Quality?

We can see with the pandemic situation there is upcoming cleanliness in the restaurant sector. Even though you have to engage much time as a restaurant owner, this cleanliness is a direct market attractive potential now. Which is now a trending topic.

Stay with Sanitizers

On normal days other than pandemic you have to worry about clean of the tables and chairs only. But with this covid situation, the most approved way is going with sanitizers.

Clean the table and chairs from time to time and clean door handles and area, where your clients touch in the restaurant, are needed to be well checked.

If you are managed to use a refresh sanitizer, this cleanliness from time to time creates an extra marketing atmosphere inside the restaurant. Using sanitizer cleaners not only the table cleanliness is also an indirect indicator of the air quality for the customers.

Other than deodars, the alcoholic vibes of sanitizers in the atmosphere are creating a safe environment for the customers in this pandemic season.

Other than air quality it will be an indirect customer attracting reason to your business also.

Go with Green

Other than the machines and other complex air cleaning systems most practical way of creating a fresh atmosphere is decorating your restaurant with flora.

It’s cheap, it’s doable, and other than those, it gives natural feelings in exhausting urban lifestyle.

indoor tree
Deco Your Restaurant with Indoor Trees

According to scientific facts, there are certain species of plant which are capable of removing toxic air contaminants in the indoor atmosphere. Also do not need to take care of them regularly.

Most of them have an adaptation to existing natural conditions and maintaining with least amount of requirements other than normal fancy deco- threes.

But you have to work with a limited amount of trees in this collection. If you search, the following plants come at the top of that list.

  1. Areca Palm
  2. Snake plant
  3. Spider Plant
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Chrysanthemum etc…

Apart from there are several floras, you can be selected. Each tree is specialized in a certain region of air purification. Depend on your requirements you can go with different species. To read more.

Try an official Air purifier for Air Quality

Apart from the technologies mentioned above one of the best ways to have cleaned air quality inside your restaurant is to place an air purifier. Air purifiers are developed to absorb indoor air and filter through specific technologies.

Depend on your requirement there are several air purifiers in the market. Smoke air purifiers and odor-removing air purifiers are much suitable for the restaurant sector.

Also, depending on your coverage you have to worry about the capacity of the purifier too. You do not need to spend much money expecting an extra level of cleanliness.

Before selecting an air purifier read our article, to know what should you worry about. And after selecting one read this article to know to select the Best location to place it.

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