Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier, Portable for Bedroom Price: $29.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:03 PST- Details)

Efficient Dehumidification: this mini dehumidifier has a built in water glass crystal, which has strong absorption, it can effectively and quickly absorb excess moisture, keep it dry for a long time, and quickly solve the damp and moldy in small spaces troubles; Suitable for areas up to 350 square feet
renewable: it can be applied for 10-20 days per charge (depending on the ambient humidity), and can remove up to 6 oz/ 170ml of water per charge; The indicator window will turn pink when the device needs to be regenerated; Charge the dehumidifier for 10-15 hours until the beads turn blue and it is ready to use again
Double Air Inlet Design: these small dehumidifiers for bedroom adopt a double air inlet design, with dense dehumidification holes covering both sides of the fuselage, increasing the moisture absorption area, improving dehumidification efficiency, and quickly taking away moisture

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