Best Honeywell Air purifier Filters HEPA and Carbon Pre-Filter Price: $39.97 (as of 01/02/2024 12:46 PST- Details)

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Our HPA300 replacement filters are compatible with Honeywell HPA090, HPA094, HPA100, HPA104, HPA105, HA106, HPA3100, HPA5100, HPA5150, HPA200, HA202, HPA204, HPA250, HPA3200, HPA5200, HPA5220, HPA5250, HA300, HPA300, HPA304, HPA3300, HPA5300, HPA5350, HPA8350 air purifier. Please check the air purifier model range to see if your air purifier is listed.

PREMIUM QUALITY FILTER: The Honeywell Air purifier Filters replacement for honeywell is made of high strength materials to ensure best performance of air purifier. With high density structure, our HPA300 air purifier filter can prevent any dust from the air that passes through the filter. Come with 6 pack HEPA filter (Filter R) and 8 pack activated carbon pre-filter (Filter A).

HIGH EFFICIENCY HEPA FILTER: The Honeywell Air purifier Filters replacement for honeywell captures up to 99.97% of dust as small as 0.3 microns, like dust, pet dander,lint and more. Activated carbon pre-filter helps to capture large airborne dust and reduce odors, cooking smells, smoke and unpleasant smells. Our air purifier filter for Honeywell improves air quality to create a fresh and healthy air environment for your family. Especially for people who are sensitive to air quality or families with pets.

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