Alen BreatheSmart FLEX HEPA Air Purifier With Fresh Filter, Absorbs Light Household Odors, Chemicals, Pollution, VOCs, Captures Allergens, Dust, Mold, Germs. Kids Rooms, Home Office up to 700 sq. ft. Price: $364.00 (as of 01/02/2024 13:05 PST- Details)

H13 HEPA FRESH Filter: absorbs light household odors and chemicals. This Fresh Filter uses activated carbon to mitigate common household odors and absorb light chemicals and VOCs. The Fresh filter is ideal for light household odors/cooking smells, home renovations, and urban areas with high levels of pollution.
PURE AIR ANYWHERE: The BreatheSmart FLEX is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for smaller rooms throughout your home where you find you and your loves spending time. Need pure air in your home office? Nursery? Guest bedroom? FLEX has you covered.
ROOM SIZE: The BreatheSmart FLEX quietly and efficiently circulates the air in rooms up to 700 sq. ft. every 30 minutes. Perfect for kids’ bedrooms, guest bedrooms, home offices, and home gyms.

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