AZEUS True HEPA Air Purifier for Home, up to 1080 sq ft Large Room, UV light | Ionic Generator | Office or Commercial Space | Filter 99.97% Pollen, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander, Air Quality Sensor Price: $190.68 (as of 01/02/2024 13:08 PST- Details)

­čĺ×DC Motor Energy Efficient­čĺ× With a 24V 40W DC brushless motor, this Updated GL-FS32 has 75-90 energy efficiency compared to 30% of old version which uses an AC motor. Rated motor service life is also doubled. At 0.1$ per Kwh, it saves about 36USD a year in electricity at high speed.
­čĺ×Safe & Universal­čĺ× The new electric design uses 24V low voltage to makes it even safer; and with a universal AC/DC adapter, you can use it worldwide.
­čĺ×Enhanced Functionality­čĺ×-Updated unit has 3 more modes: other than auto mode to auto react to air quality in environment, 3 more modes allow you to cycle from low speed to high speed according to your routine (e.g., working at high speed when you leave home in the morning and low speed at bedtime.) You can also dim lights off at any fan speed level. UV and ionizer can be turned individually on or off.

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