Cuisinart Best Air Purifier Filter Replacement Price: $54.88 (as of 01/02/2024 12:46 PST- Details)

[100% COMPATIBILITY]: ZouHwaSo CAP-1000 replacement air filter is perfectly compatible with Cuisinart CAP-1000 air purifier. Please double-check your required model and size again before ordering to avoid making a wrong purchase.

[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS]: CAP-1000 filter replacement H13 True HEPA even spacing, clear pleats, reduce wind resistance, rapid air circulation, can effectively remove 99.97% of 0.3 microns particles; High efficiency activated carbon evenly filled, increasing the contact area of gas and activated carbon, improving the performance of air purification and odor removal.

[REGULAR REPLACEMENT]: With the passage of use times and time, the cleaning performance of the CAP-1000 filter will gradually decrease, and even cause secondary air pollution. Therefore, we recommend to replacing the cuisinart air replacement filter every 4-6 months and 3 months if the air purifier operates 24/7

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