DearBuds SE: The Wearable Ear Dryer Dehumidifier for Swimming, Showering, Water Sports, Surfing, Scuba and Hearing Aid Use (CYAN BLUE) Price: $99.00 (as of 01/02/2024 12:54 PST- Details)

The DearBuds Ear Dehumidifier was carefully designed and created to gently and efficiently dry the ear canal, reducing the amount of unwanted buildups of ear wax and such.
Experience the soothing, and gentle air as the DearBuds Ear Dehumidifier naturally dries your ears. No more reliance on ear drying drops, risky cotton swabs, or loud hair dryers. This innovative device offers a safer alternative.
With the DearBuds Ear Dehumidifier, you can dry water from swimmers’ ears in just about 3 minutes. It also effectively reduces moisture buildup behind hearing aids, ensuring a more secure fit. When not in use, the device conveniently folds shut for easy storage and travel.

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