ASKPULION Dehumidifier Best for Home 300 Sq ft Price: $36.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:49 PST- Details)

Highly Efficient Dehumidification: With our dehumidifiers, the inconvenience of wet weather is no longer an issue. Equipped with a large 35 oz (1,000-ml) water tank, it can absorb up to 17 oz (480 ml) of water per 24 hours in a humid environment with a temperature of 86°F and 80% RH. Keeping the air at a comfortable humidity level provides you and your family with a cozy living environment.

Keep Safe with Auto-off Setting: Our this small dehumidifier features an auto-off function that will stop working automatically if the water tank is full ( 27oz / 800ml), and it will flash the red light to remind you to empty the water. It’s also very safe and easy to use, worry free about it even if you’re not at home or forget to turn it off.

Energy Saving and Easy to Use: Our mini ASKPULION Dehumidifiers are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional dehumidifiers. It can help you solve the moisture problem while saving on your bills. It only consumes about 1 kW/day, making it ideal for small spaces (50~300 sq. ft.). Such as bathroom, basement, closets, kitchen, RV, pantry, etc.

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