TOMERSUN Mini Dehumidifier 2600 Cubic Feet Price: $31.95 (as of 01/02/2024 12:01 PST- Details)

Innovative Dehumidifier: The TOMERSUN Mini Dehumidifier features with two separate parts(machine body and water tank), which is entirely different from other traditional TOMERSUN Mini Dehumidifiers. When the machine body matches with the water tank, the dehumidifer will start working automatically. When the water tank is full, it will also stop working automatically and you just need to remove the machine body and empty the water tank.

High-efficient Dehumidification: The dehumidifier uses the thermoelectric cooling technology to extract moisture from a humid environment(86°F and 80% RH) and collect them in the equipped 35oz/1000ml tank, which is ideal for rooms up to 280 sq ft. You can see the effect very easily after turning on our TOMERSUN Mini Dehumidifier for a while, the air around you will become more comfortable and healthier.

Whisper Quiet and Energy Saving: Built-in New Peltier technology without compressor, then a quiet environment is created when you are reading and you can enjoy more wonderful air without disturbing your sweet dream when you are sleeping.

Furthermore, the TOMERSUN Mini Dehumidifier only consumes low energy during operation, it’s environmentally friendly and more affordable compared with those traditional dehumidifiers!

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