Mini Dehumidifier for Home,32OZ Price: $31.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:00 PST- Details)

【Precise Constant Humidity Control Dehumidification】ZEALINNO mini dehumidifier has built-in innovative digital temperature and humidity meter, reading humidity with high accuracy, more reliable than analog ones, with crystal gel humidifiers providing a slow and steady release of moisture to keep humidity level properly, avoid excessive dehumidification occurs.

【Efficient Dehumidification】Using semiconductor element technology (no compressor), our compact dehumidifier has a water tank volume of up to 900 ml. At 30°C and 80% RH, it can remove 550 ml of water per day. It is ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, small basements, closets, kitchens and living rooms.

【3 Modes of Constant Humidity Work】 This portable mini dehumidifiers has daily life, sleep and office work modes to meet your different needs. In constant humidity working mode, you can set your room to the humidity you want and work on it. In sleep mode, the dehumidifier runs very quietly,and the noise level is less than 30 dB.

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