LAOVER Dehumidifiers for Home 35oz Price: $46.03 (as of 01/02/2024 11:59 PST- Details)

High Efficient Dehumidification: This  LAOVER dehumidifiers for home uses thermoelectric Peltier technology to replace traditional dehumidifiers, which can effectively absorb up to 450ml(34oz) of excess moisture in the air per day (temperature: 86°F, humidity: 80%RH). Keeping the humidity below 45% can effectively remove moisture and say goodbye to dampness.

Two Working Modes: The LAOVER dehumidifiers for the bathroom supports two working modes. When in strong mode, the fan of the small dehumidifiers will be set to high level, which can quickly reduce the humidity. In sleep mode, it ensures quiet operation of the dehumidifier, with noise less than 30dB, allowing you to enjoy wonderful air while reading or sleeping without any disturbance.

Auto-Shut off Function: When the 1000ml water tank of this dehumidifiers for small basements is full, it will automatically shut off to prevent water overflow and protect the unit from damage. The indicator light will also turn red and flash to remind you to empty the water. Therefore, this dehumidifier for home will provide longer use time.

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