Portable Dehumidifier Best for Home, Bedroom

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【High Efficient Dehumidifiers for Home】Are you still worried about the heavy moisture in the rainy season, the surrounding moisture, easy allergies, and the clothes are difficult to dry? Relax! This portable dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture from the air and keeps your home dry. This small dehumidifier is suitable for rooms up to 285 square feet and can remove up to 16.2 (480ml) ounces of moisture per day. The dehumidification effect is immediate.

【Light sound does not disturb sleep】Too much moisture in the air causes the quilt and clothes to be wet, making it difficult to fall asleep. This small dehumidifier can be easily placed on the bedside table or in the closet to keep your bedding dry and sleep comfortably. In addition, the sound in night mode is less than 30 dB, so you don’t have to be afraid of the sound hindering you from sleeping.
【Portable dehumidifier with automatic shutdown】This small dehumidifier with a size of only 7.1 x 6.3 x 9.8 inches is very suitable for use in any place such as homes, bedroom, bathrooms, and RV. In addition, the portable dehumidifier has an automatic shutdown function. If the water tank is full, it will automatically stop working and will flash a red light to remind the user to empty the water.It can run safely for 24 hours even if there is no one at home.

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