ECONIKA Air Purifiers | UV-C Light and Ionizer Price: $449.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:11 PST- Details)

4 in 1: This allergies house air cleaner is a HEPA filter, humidifier, ionizer, and UV lamp. This ECONIKA Air Purifiers with UV-C sanitizer and ionizer packs all those functions into one silent unit

Quiet: These quiet air purifiers for bedroom only produce 18 dB of noise, the same as a whisper five feet away. The HEPA air purifier for large room fits and removes issues almost anywhere

Powerful: The ECONIKA Air Purifiers for odors and allergens covers up to 700 sq ft with HEPA 13 protection. The HEPA air filter for pets offers 6 layers of filtration for maximum power

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