MIRO Air Purifier H13 True HEPA Filter Replacement

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 (as of 07/02/2024 21:40 PST- Details)

COMPATIBILITY: Our Filter Replacement is Compatible With MIRO Air Purifier, Afloia KILO Air Purifier, Morento Air Purifier Kilo, KILO/KILO PRO/ IRO and MIRO PRO Air Purifier. NOTE: Not fit for Fillo/Allo/Halo, MAX/MAGE/MAGE PRO, and Cuckoo CAC-I0510FW Air Purifier..2 Premium HEPA filters.

3-in-1 TRUE HEPA FILTER:MIRO Air Purifier  KILO Filter Replacement features a 3-stage filtration design: Pre-Filter Captures Hair, Pet Dander and Fiber; TRUE HEPA Filter remove Smoke, Dust, Pollen; Activated Carbon Filter Quickly remove Bad Smells, Pet Odor and VOC.

DIMENSIONS: KILO HEPA filter replacement dimensions are 8.58” x 6.5” ”. For best performance, recommended filter replacements once every 6-8 months, will depend on the environmental air quality around you. Never waste your time measuring and cutting prefilters again!

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