HIMOX Air Purifier HEPA 14 | 1560 Sqft

Amazon.com Price: $180.68 (as of 01/02/2024 13:09 PST- Details)

PERFECT FOR BEDROOM LARGE ROOM : Our new updated Himox Air Purifier cleans space up to 561 ft² in 25 minutes; 1200 ft² in 40 minutes; 1560 ft² in 60 minutes. Perfect for bedroom, living room, large room, office, home, kitchen.

MORE QUIET: our new brushless motor is more powerful but also more quite ,Choose from 4 fan speeds ,with the lowest setting operating virtually silent .sleep mode as 20dB ,help you sleep peacefully

Provides a Safe Indoor Environment By Reducing Harmful Chemicals: HIMOX Air Purifier our medical grade filters with 3-5 Stage ,Pre-filter remove large particles such as dust ,lint ,pet dander hair.true heap filter remove viruses bacteria ,mold ,pollen ,allergy ,activated carbon filter remove smoke fumes VOCs cook smell ,Help relieve Sneezing ,Coughing, pink water eyes

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