HIMOX HEPA 14 Air Purifierfor Allergies Large Room Pets 5 in 1 Medical Grade HEPA Filter up to 2000ft² Remove 99.99% of Dust Mold Pollen Smoke Odor Automatic Air Quality Sensors (H05)

Amazon.com Price: $199.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:26 PST- Details)

🍀【Ozone free Lifetime Warranty】🍃Only Genuine HIMOX H05 filter (Search B0BVVTW738 on amazon) can the performance of your H05 air purifier🍃Our allergies air purifier for home large room is 100% Ozone free. UVC/ion produces ozone which is harmful, especially for children and asthma sufferers. The built-in Replacement Indicator reminds you to replace the filter. It is recommended to replace the filter every 3-6 months depending on the use and air quality.
🍀【High Purification Ability】This house air purifier cleans a room up to 2000 sq ft in one hour, 1000sq ft in 30 minutes (CADR285). 437 air inlets increase the air contact surface, and air convection is very fast. If you have allergies, our h13 hepa big air purifiers for home will help with allergies. If we have pets, we are always paranoid of our house smelling. Our hepa air purifier for classroom help get pet smell out the air quickly, so you large house smell fresher.
🍀【Exclusive Advanced 5 Levels Air Cleaning System】 The medical grade HEPA 14 filter air purifier large room made up of high-efficiency activated carbon(🍀The upgraded filter optimize the structure of activated carbon, so the odor removal effect is greatly improved). Our air purifiers for smokers at home help capture particles like pet smell, and household dust. Wildfire smoke air purifiers removes pet hair dander, dust, VOC and pollen.

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