Jafanda Air Purifiers Home Large Room 3800 sq ft

Amazon.com Price: $369.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:09 PST- Details)

3800 ft² Extra Large Room Jafanda air purifiers: JF888 is a High CADR air purifier for whole home. CADR:488CFM(830m³/h), Room Coverage: 3800 sq ft one times per hour, 1900 sq ft two times per hour, 760 sq ft five times per hour. Suitable for living rooms, classrooms, lobbies, and office space. TWO Fans delivery the air Dual-in and Dual-out, which will achieve faster air cleaning.

In Auto mode: For example, if the PM2.5 sensor detects air pollution, the PM2.5 value will be displayed on the display, and you can choose to switch to display PM10/PM1.0, the real-time air quailty change is watchable. According to the WHO Global air quality guidelines, PM2.5 24-hour standard is 12.0 μg/m3, the color of the indicator light changes between “Green, Blue, Yellow, Red” according to the PM2.5 value 0-12-35-55-999 μg/m3, and the fan speed also changes between 1-4 level.

Smart Home Air Cleaner: The JF888 air cleaner for home is compatible with Alexa and APP, You can set the schedule and Timer in your phone to take care your home indoor air quality, wherever you’re in work or in vacation. Also support Alexa & Google Assistant voice command to turn on/off your air purifier from anywhere of house.

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