Jafända HEPA Filter Air Purifiers For Bedroom,Portable Air Purifier,H13 True Air Filter,With Aromatherapy,Colorful Night Light,Bladeless Fan,For Home Pets,Smokers,Allergies,Odor,Home Travel-Size

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🍀Compact Design And Space Saving. Measuring only 11.4*7.9*13.7inch, the Blue air purifier takes up only 0.65 square feet of floor space, making it suitable for home and Travel use
🍀Perfect For Purifying Your Personal Space. With a purification efficiency of 99.97%, this blue air purifier can circulate air 5 times per hour in a 160 square foot room, 2 times per hour in a 400 square foot room and 1 time per hour in a 780 square foot room, perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens and offices.
🍀Aromatherapy That is Both Safe And Effective. The non-heated diffusion of essential oils used in this air purifier product prevents heating from changing the chemical composition of the oils, breaking down harmful ingredients and allowing the oils to be fully utilized. It also uses a bladeless fan to speed up the diffusion of essential oils, so you can breathe clean, fragrant air faster and relieve stress.

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