KopBeau Oscillating Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W Electric & Portable Heater Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote, 1S Fast Heating, 24Hrs Timer, Wind Direction Adjust, Safe for Bedroom Office Garage

Amazon.com Price: $69.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:18 PST- Details)

【FAST AND POWERFUL HEATING】Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your home. This space heater provides fast and powerful heating that can warm up your space quickly. With a high-quality heating element and 1500W power, it delivers efficient heating to keep you comfortable.
【PROGRAMMABLE TIMER】This electric space heater comes with a programmable timer that lets you set it to turn on or off at specific times. This means you can wake up to a warm room or come home to a cozy environment without worrying about leaving the heater on all day.
【ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT】Stay comfortable without wasting energy. This indoor space heater features an adjustable thermostat that lets you control the temperature in your room. Set it to your preferred temperature and the heater will automatically maintain that level.

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