Bestol 12V 24V 220V 100W 200W 300W Insulated PTC Ceramic Air Heater PTC Heating elements Electric Heater PTC air heater (24V 100W 113 * 35 * 26MM) Price: $14.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:24 PST- Details)

PTC products with constant fever, no open flame, heat conversion rate,subject to the supply voltage with minimal impact and other traditional heating elements can not match advantage,used in electric appliances in more and more popular in the R & D engineers.

Energy saving: PTC product has automatic energy-saving features,the Bestol Ceramic Air Heater when the ambient temperature is raised, the power will be gradually reduced,only 90% of rated power, 80%, or less.

Safe and energy saving, stable performance, using ceramic constant temperature heating count, continuous output heat, automatic constant temperature work

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