BJDesign Kotatsu – Japanese Heated Table – Wooden Chabudai Furniture with 120V Electric Heater – Low-Lying Dining and Work Desk with Temperature Control Knob (29x29in, Black) Price: $359.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:21 PST- Details)

High quality, luxury A kotatsu with high-quality and luxury wood grain design. You can use it as a kotatsu in cold season, and remove the kotatsu cover and you can use this as a coffee table when in warm season.

Very comfortable, unable to leave The quartz tube heater that warms up to the core of your body, very warm and comfortable. Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table is an indispensable item where you want to take a nap, do homework, TV, games, and stay warm at the same time.

When you use the kotatsu alone, you will be able to lie down and sleep comfortably. When you sit around, it is a little narrow, but up to 4 people can have seats at the same time.

Electricity saving, economic Kotatsu, unlike the central system, is a smart way to warm up partly because it warms up partly and saves electricity bills. Power ON / OFF can be easily switched with one switch. Temperature adjustment is also possible with the knob of the heater.

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