MACALOCA Space Heater, 1500W/1000W Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Energy Efficient Fireplace Dynamic Flame Small Space Heater,PTC Ceramic Fast Heating Portable Space Heater for Office,Home,Bedroom,Desk Price: $32.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:19 PST- Details)

🔥【Attractive Dynamic Flame Space Heater】Just like a real flame burning!With gorgeous 3D-LED realistic dancing flames and exquisite exterior design, the small fireplace space heater for indoor use makes a beautiful focal point in any room.

Our electric fireplace MACALOCA Space Heater is a perfect replacement for the traditional one burning with real firewood,it can create an enchanting fireside environment.No troubles of suffering from smoke, and no need to ventilate and clean. The indoor heater stove allows you to comfortably warm an ice-cold room.

🔥【Multi Protection Safety System】Our fireplace space heaters for indoor use have passed the UL security certification, with tip-over and overheating protection.

Automatic safety system will shut the heater off when the temperature of the internal space heater accidentally reaches 167°F.The tip-over protection system will also shut the desk heater off when the heater was knocked over by accident.At the same time,the fan will continue work for 50 seconds to cool down the small space heater when it is turned off.

🔥【Fast and Powerful Heating】This small space heater puts out a lot of heat in 2s!The latest fire-resistant materials-PTC ceramic heating technology will heat up any space faster and distribute heat more evenly.

Our mini low energy heater has 2 modes: 1000W low heat(I),1500W high heat(II),bring you proper warmth as you need, simply turn on the heater setting you desire can enjoy comforting warmth.Just turn on your modern space heater, and enjoy your warm living room, bedroom or office.

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