1500W Space Heater for Indoor Use, Portable Electric Heater 2S Rapid Heating, Small Space Heater with Thermostat, PTC Ceramic Heater with Tip-Over and Overheat Protection, Great for Home and Office

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2 SECONDS HEAT UP: Our Portable Electric Heater can heat the room up quickly, keep the space warm and cozy. In spite of their modest size, these compact appliances deliver efficient heat in a jiffy through PTC ceramic technology that can raise temperatures fast than standard space heaters.

3 MODE SETTINGS: Setting I (Warm 900W), Setting II (Warmer 1500W), Natural Wind. The dual wattage 900/1500W power gives you instant warmth. The adjustable thermostat control ensures the right level of comfort for you. Its simple knob controls make it easy enough and useful for just about anyone.

MULTIPLE SAFETY PROTECTION: A tip-over switch is standard, so if the Portable Electric Heater is knocked over it will automatically shut off. Safety features like overheating protection, if the electric heater is accidentally overheated, it will automatically shut down. Aimed to protect the space heater and yourself from overheating and overuse.

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